College Football Scholarship FAQs

The importance of starting the recruiting process early


The importance of a scouting evaluation in football

College coaches depend on verified information from reliable sources about prospects as young as 7th grade.

At what division level of football can I compete?

It's important to be open to competing at all levels of college football; 80% of all opportunities fall outside of Division I.

What are my chances of playing division one football?

The chances of playing division one football are slim. There are about 800 schools that have football and about 120 of them are division one, so think about the odds and the limited scholarships. The division one scholarships are going to the cream of the crop, which might be you but be open to all your options!

The role of the high school coach in the recruiting process

Your high school coach is not responsible for getting you a scholarship. The average coach has relationships with fewer than five college coaches and most of them are local.

What should I include on my football highlight video?

Showcase your explosiveness. Your highlight video should show your quickness and big plays. Include your best highlights of tackles, turning the corner and speed. They should all be at the beginning of your highlight video.

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