College Golf Scholarship FAQs

How important is it to play golf year round?

It does help to play in national tournaments with big name golfers year round but it is not required. It helps with your exposure and develops your skills playing in a highly competitive tournament but you can still refine your skills in other places if you live in a cold weather state.

What are my collegiate opportunities like to play golf?

Golf programs are not necessarily in the warmer climates where you can play year round so be sure to keep all your options open.

What can I do off the golf course to become better?

Focus on weight and flexibility training. Training programs should include muscle toning, core strength, Pilates and yoga.

When do coaches start recruiting for golf?

Coaches will be traveling to big national golf tournaments and start recruiting Freshmen year of high school.

How many scholarships are usually offered in collegiate golf?

Scholarship distribution depends on the academic institution. At the Division I level, the limit is 4.5 scholarships. Sometimes the program doesn’t offer all 4.5, it could be fewer or none at all. Check with each program.

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