College Hockey Scholarship FAQs

How many scholarships are there for college hockey?


Should I play another year of Juniors or take the offers I have now?

Start by evaluating your situation. If you have offers from a Division III school and want to play at the Division I level, need to contact coaches and have as much dialogue as possible to see where you are realistically. If you aren’t making huge leaps in the Junior levels, you might want to consider continuing to play. Take the Division III or any offer seriously, the offers may change.

What are Division I coaches looking for in their athletes?

The key is playing in highly competitive leagues. For Men’s Hockey they want to see you’ve played for a USHL or NAHL junior level or solid prep school. For Women’s Hockey they are looking for high level AAA or solid prep school or Olympic development program. You may consider doing a graduate year at the prep school to gain more experience.

What should my hockey highlight film include?

Highlights from your games and a skills tape if you’re a goalie. Keep the camera high enough to get good perspective on the ice. Refer to our video guidelines to gather what coaches are looking for in particular positions. Generally, they’re looking for break up plays, shots from the blue lines and how you’re able to adapt to different game situations.

Why do I need to play Junior hockey?

Junior players tend to be more physically and emotionally mature because of the highly competitive, fast and physical level at the Junior Level.

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