College Soccer Scholarship FAQs

What is the biggest difference between high school and club soccer?

Clubsoccer is intense and a higher level of competition than high school. Its important to prepare by playing not only in high school but a competitive club team to show you can compete at a highly dedicated level.

How important is my highlight video for soccer recruiting?

Video highlights show your skills and great way for coaches to assess how you can help their team. Use club competition film over high school and include a five minute tape of at least 25 of your best highlights.

How do I get discovered in soccer recruiting?


At what division level am I able to compete?

There’s good competition at every level of collegiate athletics. Reach out to a wide variety of programs and keep your options open. And remember, NAIA and DIII coaches can recruit whenever they want, they don’t have to wait.

How can I gain an edge in the recruiting process?

Be realistic and reach out to a coach who is going to take the time to follow-up with you. Refer back to your introduction email and when you make contact with the coach, treat it like an interview. If a coach doesn’t respond after two weeks, send another letter or call. If there’s no response after that, its time move onto the next program.

What is the role of my high school or club coach in the recruiting process?


What is the most important part of the recruiting process?

The easiest thing you can do in the process is to educate yourself and start doing so early.

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