College Swimming Scholarship FAQs

Do I need to swim club year round?

It’s recommended if you can join a summer team or swim for a club team year round. You don’t need to, but it’s recommended.

How do collegiate swimming coaches know if I’ve reached my potential?

College coaches will ask your coaches and family to learn more about how dedicated you are to swimming. They’ll try to see if you’re burnt out or still very passionate. College coaches will want to know how much you are training and practicing to measure your level of dedication.

How many women’s collegiate swim teams are there?

There are 200 Division I, 80 Division II, 200+ Division III swimming programs. There are lot more schools for women swimming than for men with lots scholarship opportunities.

Is a highlight video required for swimming?

Not required. Coaches want your swim times and GPA. If you have a great race you can send it, but not necessary.

Is Division III Swimming faster than Division II swimming?

Top level Division II and Division III can be faster than Division I. Division III has more teams and can be considered more competitive than Division II schools. Keep all your options open and stay proactive in communicating with coaches.

Is it important for swimmers to lift weights in high school?

Work on focusing on your core strength. Lifting weights is not critical.

What are my opportunities for college swimming?

There are a lot of academic resources around in you in the collegiate swimming community. It will teach you time management and help you reach your full potential as an individual.

What factors do college swim coaches take into consideration when looking at recruits?

GPA and swim times are most important. Coaches may go to a meet and they don’t need video but the main thing they are looking for is your GPA and swim times.

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