College Volleyball Scholarships FAQs

What will my first collegiate volleyball practice be like?

Be prepared. In volleyball you’ll report to campus in the summer time. It gives you time to adjust, learn the campus and build relationships with your teammates. Practice is going to be hard. Practice will go on all day from running to training, some days may include three sessions. It will be at a fast speed, but a rewarding experience.

The importance of a scouting evaluation in volleyball recruiting


What are the collegiate opportunities for women to play volleyball?

Over the past decade, the women’s volleyball has grown. 330 DI programs, 300 DII programs, 400 DIII, 250 NAIA level spread all over.

What are the scholarship opportunities like for college volleyball?

Division I volleyball players are awrded full scholarship, Division II - split scholarships offering between 25-50% of tuition, DIII - no athletic scholarships. It’s important to earn a high GPA to apply for good academic scholarships too. NAIA schools also have lots of full scholarships opportunities.

What does a DI women’s volleyball player look like?

Size, height and your speed are factors Division I coaches consider in volleyball recruitment. Division I volleyball is fast. Hitters, setters, blockers and liberos are getting taller as more colleges want players to be able to play all positions. If you’re shorter than 6 feet, work on your jump skills and speed- specifically your footwork.

What should my volleyball highlight video include?

Highlight video and playing at the club level are very important in recruitment. College coaches are looking for your movement in your highlight tape. Include your best 25 plays. Showcase your footwork, blocking, passing, hitting from all sides, defensive and offensive plays. Show all your movements from all sides of the court. Keep the camera on the baseline and the side you are on. Some programs like you to add skills and technique along with your game highlights.

How do you get discovered in volleyball recruiting?

The process may start as early as 8th and 9th grades. Show coaches you’re interested. Be proactive in posting your athletic resume, play on a club team and invite coaches to come to your games and tournaments.

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