College Wrestling Scholarship FAQs

Geographically, Where Are my wrestling opportunities at the collegiate level?

Most collegiate wrestling programs are in the Midwest and East coast. Wrestling programs are not as popular in the South or West Coast.

What are some tournaments I should be attending for wrestling exposure?

College coaches are going to the top state and national tournaments. The top tournament in the country is Fargo for Cadet and Junior Nationals during the summer. Then the National High School event is in Virginia during the spring.

What are the opportunities like to compete in college wrestling?

Take advantage of every opportunity to compete both at local and national tournaments. There are just over 300 schools with wrestling programs at the collegiate level.

What should I be doing to improve when I’m not on the mat?

Work on building your strength, technique and weight control. Properly maintain your healthy weight and continue to improve your skills. Wrestling has grown a lot in past decade. Focus on your technique and build strength.

What should my wrestling video include for college coaches?

What are your best take downs? How about your technique? These are moves that college coaches are looking for and use to assess your skills in a wrestling video. It helps them determine whether they want to come see you at various tournaments.

What will my first wrestling practice be like in college?

At the collegiate level, you are wrestling with all-stars from high schools throughout the country. The intensity level and competition is at a higher level compared to high school. Staying competitive, positive and tenacious are keys to having a great collegiate wrestling experience.

What are the scholarship opportunities like for college wrestling?

At the Division I level, schools are only allowed up to 9.9 scholarships. College wrestling rosters are usually 30 to 35. Good grades and continuing to improve your skills are important.

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