College Men's Volleyball Scholarship FAQs

How important is it to play club volleyball in high school?

Club experience is important that way they know you can compete with players from all over the country. Do research on tournaments and make sure you’re joining a competitive club team.

How many scholarship opportunities are there for men’s college volleyball?

Each program can give 4.5 scholarships per team. Players can usually get about 25 percent tuition paid, if you’re a starter maybe around 50 percent.

What should be on my men’s volleyball highlight tape?

All around skills beginning from match point. Serving, blocking, and passing are skills that need to be highlighted. Volleyball college coaches are looking for your versatility and shots.

How many men’s collegiate volleyball opportunities are there?

Opportunities are limited. There are 23 Division I teams and 96 total programs including all divisions.

What can I be doing off the court to improve?

Jump training, agility drills from side to side and get as many touches as possible. Staying active and in shape are keys off the court.

When does recruiting begin for men’s volleyball?

Recruiting begins as soon as you as you join your varsity team or compete in national tournaments or the Junior Olympics. Tournaments are very important in gaining exposure for the recruitment process.

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