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NCSA Human Resources

Gail Van Hove, Senior Recruiter at NCSA

Gail Van Hove, Senior Recruiter

Ball State University
[email protected]
(312) 205-2537

I came to NCSA with a background in retail, sales and IT recruiting in both a corporate and staffing setting. Here at NCSA, I am primarily responsible for recruiting and hiring for the recruiting department, but I do some hiring for the operations departments as well. 

One of my favorite parts of working for NCSA is when I hear about one of my hires succeeding in their role and making a difference in the lives of the student-athletes they are working with. It reaffirms that I found someone who fits in well here at NCSA and is really living our values daily.

While I didn’t play sports myself, I was a cheerleader and competitive dancer since the age of 3, so I can relate to the competitive spirit and dedication the athletes I interview possess. As a former yoga and pilates instructor, health and fitness have always been a priority for me. Outside of work, you can catch me traveling, going to music festivals or running by the lakefront.