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Jerron Spraggins, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Jerron Spraggins, Recruiting Coordinator

Auburn University
[email protected]
(723) 140-3335

Ever since I was 5 years old I have always had a passion for sports and that continued during my high school years, where I dedicated four years of his life to playing baseball. These formative experiences instilled in me the values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance, which would later become the cornerstone of my professional journey. Having attended Auburn University, it laid the foundation for my pursuit of excellence.

Driven by the desire to bridge his passion for sports and communication, I discovered the perfect outlet for my aspirations at NCSA. Here, I found fulfillment in assisting families and student-athletes as they navigated the often complex and competitive world of collegiate sports. My favorite aspect of working with NCSA is the opportunity to provide valuable support to these families, ensuring that their student-athletes receive the guidance and opportunities they deserve.

In summary, I am a dedicated individual who seamlessly intertwines his love for sports, my educational background from Auburn University, and my unwavering commitment to assisting student-athletes through NCSA, creating a fulfilling career path that allows me to make a meaningful impact in the world of sports and communication.