NCSA Baseball Reviews

NCSA Baseball Reviews

What Baseball Families Have to Say About NCSA

Plenty of student-athletes have found success in baseball at the college level thanks to some guidance from NCSA. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what these baseball success stories have to say about working with the recruiting experts at NCSA. The recruiting process is difficult but we’re here to make it a little bit easier.

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2012 Texas Commit to William Jewell College

"NCSA really helped me out more than I could imagine. I stayed active with my profile and got on just about every day. I had more than 15 schools contact me from every level in about a month and a half. I went on Coach Requests and saw that William Jewell was in the hunt for a shortstop so I sent an email along with a link to my profile. They immediately showed interest and because they had everything they needed through NCSA, they offered me a great amount of money pretty quickly and a chance to be their shortstop. I came to the conclusion that William Jewell was where I wanted to spend my college years and committed. I hit and missed on a number of coaches, until I found the right place and it all came together. The thing that pleases me most about NCSA is that it really does work. No gimmicks or anything. Living where I live, I would have never gotten seen by a school like that. Being a two-time all state player isn't enough, and NCSA filled in the rest of the blanks. My favorite part about NCSA is the coach requests, because it makes it easy to see exactly what a school is looking for."


Parent of 2012 Florida Commit to Emmanuel College

"My son was unsure about his desire to go to college. Therefore, although he had a recruiting page with NCSA and a video, he never completed his profile nor did he respond to NCSA's encouragement or their requests for additional information to help update his profile. He felt that if he wasn't going to college, then there was no need to complete any of his NCSA assignments. Three weeks after his graduation, however, Evan had a change of heart and decided that he wanted to play baseball in college. Even though he was well past the recruiting season, he went ahead and completed his profile and sent his video and profile to over 100 college through NCSA. To our surprise, 47 of those colleges looked at his profile and made contact with Evan and nine of those colleges made serious verbal offers. Evan decided to take a recruiting trip to three of the schools. At the first school on his trip (Emmanuel College), Evan committed to the school after a successful workout, a tour of the school, and a meeting with the coaches. He then cancelled his visits to the other colleges because he felt that Emmanuel was the right fit for him. He will start to school at Emmanuel in January. We learned two valuable lessons from this experience. First of all, it is never too late to start. Secondly, without NCSA's assistance, contact information, and expertise, he would never have been able to do what he did in such a brief period of time. Thank you so much NCSA for your help!" 


CJ Szczensy, 2013 Baseball Player From New York

"My profile has been viewed by more schools than I have even heard of. They are schools my high school coach doesn't even know. I feel very confident I will play college ball somewhere in 2014."


2012 Alabama Commit to the University of Montevallo

"I feel the experience went much smoother and both my parents and I were much more informed and educated to what to expect due to the NCSA help.  I had multiple contacts from coaches and as many as four other offers that I feel would not have been made without the distribution of my profile and video.  I received VERY little information or help with the process other than what I got through NCSA and therefore, I believe the linking up with NCSA was invaluable.  Communication from NCSA was prompt and always professional and informative.  I found the site to be easy to use with clear instructions for the video and other exercises throughout the process.  My decision to play with Montevallo had nothing to do with its divisional play but for a good fit for my academic desires and early playing time as well as a total good fit for me. I would highly recommend NCSA to any friend or players who have the desire to play at the next level.  I hear over and over that players wish they had known what to expect and had been informed of the recruiting process and I feel that I was well informed because of NCSA and its support.  Thank you again."



Gianni Magliaro, 2014 Baseball Player From New Jersey


"NCSA is always there for me when I need help, answer all my questions thoroughly and expose me to many different colleges and helped me build relationships with a few of them. Overall, would not be able to go through the recruiting process without NCSA."


2012 Pennsylvania Commit to California University of Pennsylvania 

"The recruiting process for me was rather hectic. I did a lot of showcases this summer. I think that and my NCSA page really helped put me in front of coaches, especially since I am from a small town and don't get a lot of exposure. NCSA also helped guide me step by step through the whole process. The website itself was easy to use and a great place to put all my information in one place. What helped me the most was being matched to college programs and then having a starting point on what colleges to email about my interest. And it was great to be able to email my link with all my information and video."

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