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Find out where our team is working with the most elite football groups in the world to evaluate and educate the nations top football recruits.


FBU Camps**Preferred Partner

  • Football University (FBU) Camps are open to all offensive and defensive positions from 6th grade to 11th grade. Parents, coaches and athletes can nominate a player for a camp on Football University's website. Registered athletes choose one position and receive position-specific, technique training from coaches whose methods are NFL-tested. The three-day camps consist of individual drills and one-on-ones, film and classroom sessions, NCSA recruiting symposium, nutrition discussion, and competitions. At the end of camp, athletes receive a one-on-one review session with their expert coach. Get more information on Football University.

Chris Sailer Kicking/Rubio Long Snapping Camps:

  • The Chris Sailer Kicking/Rubio Long Snapping Camps are open to all Kickers, Punter, and Long Snappers from 8th grade through college. These Camps are one day camps that offer Kicking/Punting/Long Snapping instruction, film and classroom sessions, Kicking/Punting/Long Snapping discussions, NCSA recruiting symposium, nutrition discussion, and competitions. Attending these camps gives you top notch instruction and the chance to be added to the Chris Sailer Kicking and Rubio Long Snapping Player Ranking Section of their website. The winners of each camps competitions receive free admission to the Chris Sailer Kicking / Rubio Long Snapping Elite National Camp. Get more information. 


Schuman NUC Combines

  • Schuman NUC Combines are open to all offensive and defensive positions from 7th grade to 11th grade.  Skill players and lineman will have their separate testing and competitions. Quarterbacks will combine test and then go through specific drills and one on one passing that will rate them as a quarterback. After the combine testing the athletes run through position drills and compete in one on ones.  NUC Combines have the athletes only compete against athletes in their grade. For example 9th graders against 9th graders, 10th against 10th and 11th against 11th. Only in smaller camps can two grades be combined, but all athletes are evaluated based on their grade at all times. MVP awards are given out to each position at each grade level.  The biggest award at each combine is the Overall MVP which is for the best player in their grade in each camp.  Most of the MVP’s from each combine will be invited to the NUC Ultimate 100 Camp’s.Get more information. 


Nike SPARQ/Student Sports Combines:

  • Attending one of the Nike Football/ Student Sports combines gives each athlete the opportunity to get professionally SPARQ tested so they will have a starting base to improve upon. SPARQ stands for speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness. The combine is for underclassman in 9th- 11th grade. There are usually 1000-1500 kids who attend these camps. Athletes who come to a NIKE Combine will register, where they will pick up their free NIKE Pro workout shirt. Athletes are put into groups of 25-30 and are seated in the stands until their groups turn to perform.  They will then snake through the Combine events in the order they registered.  Concluding the event the athletes will have their NCSA Verified ID taken.  They will be able to retrieve their ID photo to download and send out to college coaches. For a full list of Nike Sparq/Student Sports Combines.


VTO Elite 100 Camps:

  • The VTO Sports Elite 100 Showcase & Junior Day is an event designed to showcase rising Junior and Senior Elite Student-Athletes in the Southeast Region, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest with Division I (Football Bowl Series and Football Championship Series) talent. The VTO Sports Elite 100 consists of three (3) parts: Introduction to the Recruiting Process and Life Skills, Combine Testing (40, Bench, Vertical, Shuttle) and Football Skills (Position Drills & One on Ones)
  •  VTO Sports Combines are open to all offensive and defensive positions from 9th grade to 11th grade.  These one day events consist of combine testing, position drills, and one on one competitions.  In addition to the one field testing and training the athletes will receive a combine compression shirt, combine headshot, and an NCSA Verified ID that they can download and send out to college coaches.  VTO Sports Combines are ran by former college players and coaches to ensure top notch instruction and coaching. Get more information. 

LaDainian Tomlinson Prep Academy

  • The LT Preparatory Academy staff believes that athletic performance is but one aspect of a student-athlete's profile necessary to achieve excellence. Athleticism without complete knowledge and understanding of recruiting and academic requirements can severely hinder progress toward the goal to compete in collegiate athletics. The Academy provides comprehensive education, in combination with premier athletic performance training, to enhance the student-athlete's opportunity for success in earning an athletic scholarship. Get More Information

Sports International Football Camps

  • The Sports International Football Camps are open to all offensive and defensive positions ranging from 7-18 years of age.  These camps are ran by outstanding veteran college and high school coaches.  The host of the camp is a current NFL player who will also be involved in the camp instruction.  Campers are grouped by age, position, ability and experience to allow coaches to progressively teach basic and advanced techniques to best benefit each group. With each practice, you will receive in-depth instruction, lectures, and demonstrations from their experienced, knowledgeable coaching staff.  In addition to being taught football technique, players also learn the importance of achieving good grades and selecting correct role models. Get more information.


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