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What Football Families Have to Say About NCSA

Plenty of student-athletes have found success in football at the college level thanks to some guidance from NCSA. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what these football success stories have to say about working with the recruiting experts at NCSA. The recruiting process is difficult but we’re here to make it a little bit easier.

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2012 Connecticut Commit to Cornell University

"My NCSA experience was definitely a helpful one. In my opinion, NCSA helped most with explaining the rules and timelines of football recruiting. I switched to football from soccer, so I really didn’t know much about the sport and the recruiting process. I signed up for NCSA around February of 2011, and immediately got to work following the set by step instructions given. I think this proactive approach is what really led to my ultimate college decision. I noticed that I was a lot further ahead in the process than a lot of other local kids who had college aspirations. NCSA always answered my questions promptly, and really taught me how to communicate with coaches. Ultimately, I committed to a school which had never even viewed my NCSA profile. NCSA really guided me through the process, and helped me stay up to date with what I should be doing. In my opinion, the "To-Do List" was really the most important thing that helped me to be proactive in my recruitment. Looking back on the experience, I really do not feel that there were any negative experiences I had with NCSA." 


Parent of Benjamin Seltzer V, 2013 Football Player From California

"We as a family will highly recommend NCSA to one and all interested in having their child or friend become a college student athlete. I truly believe you get out of this program what you (athlete and family) put into it. NCSA provides the staff and resources to assist the family in helping the student athlete reach their future goal(s). Your staff is always available, very professional and honest when contacted, and appear to have a great concern in helping the student athlete reach their highest potential."


Parent of 2012 Florida Commit to Tusculum College

"We have had an amazing experience with NCSA and are thankful you guys are here. My son attended a high school that only had 70 kids and a football team of 18. He only played one year and for him to be signing on February 1st with the Tusculum Pioneers is super exciting for our family and our school! Thanks NCSA! We appreciate you!"


Parent of 2012 Michigan Commit to Benedictine College

"We wanted to personally thank the staff and NCSA program as a whole. The amount we invested has paid off 10-fold, our son was heavily recruited, had LOTS of options, but ultimately decided on an NAIA program that has his degree, the small atmosphere and one-on-one educational 'private' college environment AND he (we) hit the jackpot...FULL tuition paid for 4 years! We couldn't be happier with his decision. We will, and have, highly recommended NCSA to friends whose student athlete desires playing at the collegiate level. In our small community in central Missouri, our son is held in high regard. He's an All-State athlete, was elected Homecoming King, coaches a youth basketball team, is the president of FFA, solid 3.6 GPA, and the list goes on. But without this service, there's no way coaches, even in our area where there are D1, D2 & D3 programs ALL within 20 minutes of our home, would know about him, much less get to KNOW him. To quote [our son] "Hard work makes Good luck". That, partnered with NCSA, has allowed him to reach his goals and realize his dream of playing college football."


Alex Merchant, 2015 Football Player From Michigan

"NCSA has been a huge help with colleges looking at me and my personal and athletic profile. I am a freshman in High School, and I have had about 5 or 6 colleges look at my profile, one has looked over 20 times at me. I would recommend the NCSA to all of my friends that dream of going to the next level in their football career."


2012 North Carolina Commit to Emory & Henry College

"I got approximately 250 views from college coaches, 100 phone calls that wouldn’t have been possible without NCSA. I would like to thank everybody who helped me and thank you NCSA!"


2011 California Commit to Missouri State University

"I just wanted to drop an email and say thanks to you and the staff at NCSA. I called every coach that looked at my profile and every coach in the coach request that was looking for a WR. And sure enough I have gotten a couple of offers. 3 D1, 4 D1 walk ons, 1 D2, 8 NAIA and 2 D3 offers. I'm on my way on July 9th to contuine my football career for Missouri State University with a full ride scholarship to play WR at the D-1AA level. I look forward  for this opportunity to get a great education paid for and to play football. First game Kansas State and I'm ready. GO BEARS!!!!!"

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