Golf Coach Requests

NCSA Athletic Recruiting does not share the names of coaches or athletes currently representing an NCAA school, per NCAA rules.

Ivy League Golf Program

"Handicaps, no candidates with less than a +1.0 index, and a GPA no lower than 3.75


Big 10 Conference Golf Program

"We are looking for golfers scoring 74 or better, 1 handicap or less."


Atlantic Sun Conference Golf Program

"We have finished recruiting the class of 2013 and have moved forward in recruiting the class of 2014."


PAC - 12 Conference Golf Program

"We need our athletes to have at least a 3.2 GPA"


Ivy League Golf Program

"SAT: on the 2400 scale, above a 1950 and a GPA no lower than 3.75. As for handicaps, no candidates with less than a +1.0 index."

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