Golf Recruiting Video Guidelines

High school golfers hoping to earn a college golf scholarship need to realize that a recruiting video is an essential tool in the process.College golf coaches don’t have the time to see dozens of recruits in person. That’s why a highlight video is a key part of your online resume. It takes just a few minutes for a recruiting video to show what skills a high school golf recruit has to offer.For your highlight video to be effective, you need to know exactly what golf coaches are looking for. In terms of what athletes need to include on a recruiting video, every sport is different. NCSA knows what college golf coaches want to see. For example, golf highlight videos don’t require any match footage, but should be broken down into skills clips showing drives, approach shots, and putting.If you follow NCSA’s guidelines when you create your recruiting video, you’re taking the first step toward a college golf scholarship.


How to Film:

  • Frame the shot so that the flag is in the shot as well as yourself, as you want to include the trajectory of the ball in addition to the player.

  • Film from the side, framing yourself in the camera.

  • Also film from the back to track the flight of the ball.

  • Coaches want to see your mechanics as well as the distance of your shot.


Specific Inclusions:

  • Driving:

    • Show 10-15 repetitions of your tee shot.

    • Approach Shots should be taken from 100 to 180 yards out from the green.  Include a variety of distances.

    • Show 10 repititions of shots from the fairway in a vriety of situations

    • Include 1 or 2 shots from the rough

    • Include 1 or 2 shots out of the sand

  • Putting:

    • Show 10-15 repetitions from the green.

  • Clubs:

    • Driver, Putters, Wedges (sand, lob, gap), Woods (3,5), Irons (5,8,9,pitching).

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