Five things Every Golfer Must Do

Here are five things you can do to make sure you’re on the right track to getting a golf scholarship.


1. Know the game. Develop a clear understanding of NCAA rules and core course requirements. Create a recruiting game plan, then execute it with the same dedication you bring to your golf practice and your academic work.


2. Get verified. Make sure to have the information about your athletic ability and academic qualifications verified by a source that college coaches trust, like NCSA, and make sure it’s available online. This can vastly increase your chances of being “discovered.”


3. Get your video out there. Make sure that your highlight video is viewable online or available in a format that can be easily distributed over the web as soon as a college coach requests it. Use our tools to get evaluated—this will help you target the right programs and help coaches find you more easily.


4. Contact 50-100 “right-fit” schools. Take a realistic look at your academic qualifications and athletic ability and set your recruiting targets accordingly. There are 210 Division II and 134 Division III schools that offer golf scholarships, and they can be great options for student athletes with the commitment and drive to play golf at the college level. Then go after them – you need to contact 50-100 realistic programs to get recruited.


5. Take control. You and your family – not your high school golf coach – are ultimately responsible for the outcome of your recruiting process. This is why many families turn to NCSA. We help you take control, put the tools in your hands, and match you with our network of TK# college coaches.


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