Hockey Recruiting Video Guidelines

A good recruiting video is a very important tool for every high school hockey player who is trying to earn a hockey scholarship and hopes to play in college.

College hockey coaches generally don’t have the time or budget to evaluate dozens of recruits in person, which is why a highlight video is an essential part of an online resume.

It takes just a few minutes for a well-made hockey recruiting video to effectively illustrate the skills of a high school recruit.

Realize that if you want your highlight video to be effective, you need to be aware of what hockey coaches are looking for. When it comes to recruiting videos, each sport has different requirements. NCSA knows what hockey coaches want to see. Coaches want to see 20 to 40 plays from in-game footage. They also might be interested in a few skills clips that show you performing basic drills.

Creating a standout recruiting video is much easier when you follow NCSA’s guidelines. And when you make a highlight video you’re taking a big first step toward earning a college hockey scholarship


How to Film:

  • Show enough of the ice so that we are able to see the player's vision, movement with and without the puck, knowledge of position, passing with teammates, etc.

  • Coaches want to see the development of each play so you need a wide enough angle to capture multiple players


Information Based on Position:

  • Physical Dimensions - speed, quickness, agility, strength, power

  • Technical Abilities - skating, shooting, passing, deking, defending

  • Tactical Awareness - decision making with the puck, finding open players, position without the puck

  • Psychological Dimensions - work ethic, reaction to adverse situations, interaction with teammates

  • Optional Skills Inclusions:

    • Show yourself performing basic drills that demonstrate your technical abilities.

    • Skating around half circles and shooting on the net.

    • Transitioning from forward to backward.

    • Slap shots from the point, and one-timers.

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