NCSA Lacrosse Reviews

What Women's Lacrosse Families Have to Say About NCSA

Plenty of student-athletes have found success in lacrosse at the college level thanks to some guidance from NCSA. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what these lacrosse success stories have to say about working with the recruiting experts at NCSA. The recruiting process is difficult but we’re here to make it a little bit easier.

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Parent of Alexandria Butler, 2013 Lacrosse Player From New York

"We have a great experience with NCSA!!! My daughter did not believe in herself, and for that reason never saw herself being able to play college level lacrosse. The individual support, and encouragement that was instilled in her from NCSA has made her a confident, strong, and determined young lady who is now being recruited on all levels of college lacrosse. Also, NCSA was able to keep things organized for us, and maintain a very marketable recruiting profile, and gave us much advice in terms of what was best for our child. Lastly, NCSA was realistic with us, and my child has a very clear understanding where and what level she can play at, and the keyword is PLAY!!!!"


Melanie Morgret, 2013 Lacrosse Player From Pennsylvania

"Being the oldest in my family, I was completely lost in the recruiting process. This helped give me what I needed, with step-by-step instructions and a recruiting coach that I can contact via email or phone whenever I have questions."


2012 Manitoba Commit to Belmont Abbey College

"Being from Canada we are not exposed to the US College process and are very overwhelmed by it. NCSA has given us a step by step process that we can follow and help us understand what needs to be done to be recruited. My daughter comes from a very untraditional area for field lacrosse and we have no connections to the female lacrosse world, so NCSA has opened doors for her that we never knew existed. Within the first month of distributing her website it had been viewed by over 70 colleges and she's been contacted by almost 30 colleges. It has helped her focus on a few that she's interested in, instead of being lost by over 200 to choose from. Because in the beginning she didn't even know what region of the US to look at. Not sure where this will lead to, but we are definitely much farther ahead and better informed than if we had tried this on our own. We have mentioned NCSA to a few friends with similar goals for their children to play sports in the US and the interest was high. Thank you NCSA!"


2012 Missouri Commit to Greensboro College

"NCSA was an amazing tool, especially because I started so late in the recruiting process. I have no idea where I would be without you guys, thank you so much!"


Megan McAllister, 2013 Lacrosse Player From Washington

"NCSA does a great job of checking up on process and keeping communications open. I now have opportunities I never would've dreamt of having because of this program."


2011 Michigan Commit to Alma College

"We really had no ideal of what we should do or where to go to find help. You've been very helpful in all aspects of this process."

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