Swimming Highlight Video Guidelines

An outstanding recruiting video is essential for high school athletes hoping to earn college swimming scholarships.

College coaches don’t have the time to see hundreds of swimming recruits in person.  That’s why a highlight video is one of the most important parts of your online resume. Good recruiting videos can show what a high school recruit has to offer in just a couple of minutes.

In order for your clips to be effective, you need to know what swimming coaches are looking for in highlight videos. Realize that all sports aren’t the same when it comes to recruiting videos. NCSA knows specifically what highlights and videos college swim coaches want to see. For example, swimmers should highlight their technique using actual race footage.

If you follow the guidelines provided by NCSA and create a standout swimming video, you’re taking the first step toward snagging a swimming scholarship.


How to Film:

  • Use a tripod

  • IF possible, zoom in on the start of the race to see individual, then, as the race develops, pan out to a wider view to include other swimmers in the picture.

  • Film from the side

  • Span the entire pool from end to end, and from the end of your lane, focusing on only you. 

  • Show one race from the side and another from the front for butterfly and breaststroke.

  • Include video of each event that you swim

  • Cover entire races

  • For IM coaches will want to see races that include every stroke.

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