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Women's Tennis Camps


Women's tennis camps are a great way to hone every aspect of your game on the court with top instructors, whether it's on a college campus you're thinking of attending or with private, professional instructors. We hope this list will help you identify college tennis camps near you that will help you on your tennis recruiting journey.

Depending on where you are with your tennis, you might be considering both women's tennis camps and tennis schools. Here are some distinctions to keep in mind between the two.

The Difference Between Tennis Camps and Tennis Schools

You can find information on college tennis camps online, and we highly recommend that you research any potential camp in depth before you sign up for it. You should ask questions like

  • Who will be instructing the women's tennis camps day-to-day?
  • How long will the tennis camps last, and how much will they cost? Will that fit into your family's plans for the summer?
  • What do you hope to gain from attending the tennis camp? Would you prefer to have a college tennis camp experience that focuses more on getting you confident on the court, or that will give you intense instruction in various aspects of the game?

While you have the choice of attending women's tennis camps that might last a couple hours a day, or overnight for a week at a time (which can be a great chance to experience what life is like on a college campus), some players might also be interested in tennis schools (e.g. IMG Academy). At tennis schools, women's tennis players receive in-depth instruction in the sport while also preparing for college in a preparatory school environment. Typically, tennis schools offer low student-to-faculty and player-to-coach ratios -- but a variety of factors may weigh in on whether tennis schools, as opposed to college tennis camps, will be right for your family.

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