NCSA Track Reviews

What Women's Track Families Have to Say About NCSA

Plenty of student-athletes have found success in track at the college level thanks to some guidance from NCSA. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what these track success stories have to say about working with the recruiting experts at NCSA. The recruiting process is difficult but we’re here to make it a little bit easier.

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Parent of 2012 Michigan Commit to Western Michigan University

"Thanks NCSA for helping make this day possible for our daughter! She started high school looking forward to a college career in swimming, but budget cuts shut down our high school team at the end of her sophomore year. We told her she either needed to move (which we offered to make happen) or needed to adjust her perspective and see herself as an athlete - not strictly a swimmer. After making state finals on a relay team for track in her sophomore year, she walked off the track that day saying it was just the beginning. Less than 2 short years later - she signed with Western Michigan University today receiving an awesome scholarship to a D1 track team. She definitely received the skills she needed along with the courage to make the change with the help of so many on the NCSA team!"


Crystal Hunt, 2013 Track & Field Athlete From Virginia

"Having the opportunity to have colleges recruit them for the sport that they would love play in college is something I feel that every athlete should have. With the help of NCSA, I feel as though their chances of being recuited will increase and at the very lease they will gain knowledge that will help them get to where they want to be."


2012 Indiana Commit to Carleton College

"I am excited and feel I have found a great fit for me. I am extremely grateful for the tools it provided. I especially appreciated the message board where I could organize which coaches I'd heard from so I could keep track of the various exchanges. Earlier in this process, the college search map was amazingly helpful. Perhaps the best part of NCSA is how well it educates the student-athletes and their parents. I always knew I wanted to keep running in college, but I wasn't sure where I could fit in. Although I knew academics would always be my first priority, NCSA helped me understand how to contact coaches. Even though academics came first, I wanted to be sure I found a coaching staff and team I would fit with. NCSA is a fantastic tool - I felt a lot more confident throughout this process thanks to NCSA, and I know that I have found what I'm looking for in a college. Thank you so much for all your help, and I cannot say enough how wonderful NCSA has been for me."


Parent of 2012 Texas Commit to the University of Texas - San Antonio

"The day finally arrived!  After many offers to run for Division I, II, III, and NAIA schools, [Our daughter] chose the team that would be the best fit for her.  UTSA is a Division I school and has an exciting future with a new football team and a new conference in which to compete. You have done so much for us with your emails and helpful information on her NCSA personal site.  Your “team” of professionals conveyed “just in time” information to help all of us understand the recruiting process better and we have highly recommended your company to our friends with talented athletes hoping to compete in college. Ring the bell because we certainly are ringing one here at the Kohler house!"


Rachel Baker, 2013 Track & Field Athlete From Massachusetts

"It opens up so many opportunities and reveals so many different college programs from all around the country, which I never would have been exposed to before. It really helps me stay proactive in my recruiting process."

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