Track Recruiting Timeline

The dash down the track in the recruitment process will depend on how well you’re able to develop relationships with coaches, improve on your skills and earning the grades in the classroom. Timing with coaches and persistence are important in being a standout for track coaches.

Freshmen Year

  • Research 2-3 schools per week
  • Create a list of 100 prospective schools consider both athletics and academics
  • Send introduction letters to coaches
  • Go on at least 3 unofficial visits to colleges
  • Build relationships by making phone calls, send letters and emails
  • Attend camps with the goals of honing your skills and to gain exposure  

Rules/Tips to Remember:

  • Coaches are watching your development throughout high school at camps, in school and on the field
  • Standouts are proactive, it’s never too early for YOU to reach out to a coach
  • D3 and NAIA coaches can contact you at anytime
  • Important to do be familiar with the school both athletically and academically

Sophomore Year

  • Film your highlights tape
  • Get an evaluation of your skills tape
  • Continue to research prospective schools
  • Continue to build relationships with coaches by making calls, sending letters, emails
  • Fill out questionnaires
  • Make unofficial visits 

Rules/Tips to Remember:

  • D1 coaches can start communicating with recruits via phone, email and private messages starting on June 15 after sophomore year   

Junior Year

  • Film your highlights tape
  • Follow-up with coaches you’ve contacted in a TIMELY manner
  • Ask coaches where you stand on their recruits list
  • Fill out questionnaires
  • Join camps or clinics to hone skills and gain exposure
  • Respond to EVERY coach
  • D1 — Unofficial/official visits are allowed starting August 1 before your junior year
  • Narrow down your prospective schools list

Rules/Tips to Remember:

  • If you haven’t heard from D1 coaches, start reaching out to D2, D3 and NAIA programs
  • Contact coaches at least once per week
  • Senior year Fall/Winter- D1 coaches will start making offers

Senior Year

  • D1 schools allow 5 official visits (1 per school)
  • Send coaches your season schedule
  • Follow-up with coaches and respond in a TIMELY manner
  • Apply to the schools- applications
  • Apply for Financial aid – starting October 1 
  • Sign and Commit to a school and program — the D1/D2 Signing Period is between November 13, 2019 — August 1, 2020
  • Find out the summer workout schedule
  • Get ready for an experience of a lifetime 
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