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What Women's Volleyball Families Have to Say About NCSA

Plenty of student-athletes have found success in volleyball at the college level thanks to some guidance from NCSA. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what these volleyball success stories have to say about working with the recruiting experts at NCSA. The recruiting process is difficult but we’re here to make it a little bit easier.

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2014 South Dakota Commit to the University of Nevada - Las Vegas (UNLV)

"I live in a very small town with about 4,000 people. I thought that because of where I lived I would never get an opportunity to be seen by college coaches. With the help of NCSA, my story proves that anyone can achieve their goals with a lot of hard work even if you are from a small town. Through off season practice, club volleyball, high school volleyball and NCSA Recruiting Management System, I have now committed to the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) as a right side hitter. Over the process of my recruiting, there were many different challenges and memorable experiences. The first time that my NCSA profile was sent out, I'm not going to lie, I was a little worried. I got maybe 26 views total and they were from schools that I was not really looking at or had any plans on going to. After my club season was over, we took my video and sent it to NCSA. That, by far was one of the best moves I ever made. I went from 26 views and maybe a couple of new views every now and then to 150 + views! These views were from major Division 1 and 2 schools along with some high end Division 3 and NAIA schools. I was very overwhelmed as to how to take down my huge list of schools that was growing every day. I had asked my recruiting manager with NCSA for advice and looked at the location of each of the schools. She was my lifeline to keeping my sanity. It took a while, with phone calls to schools and e-mails almost every day... You will know that you have made to right decision for you when you can truthfully look at all colleges in the United States (or maybe just your views on your profile) and have no regrets, "Can you see yourself living there 4 to 5 years?"


Morgan Baker, 2013 Volleyball Player From North Carolina

"The NCSA staff has been so helpful and patient with all of our questions. We've learned a lot from them. We have also enjoyed watching the growing list of coaches that have viewed my profile. It's exciting and I wouldn't have received this much exposure without NCSA. Thank you!!!"


2013 Illinois Commit to Aurora University

"NCSA's webnars and individual support have been invaluable to learning the recruiting process, particularly how to make contact with college coaches and what to expect through the entire journey.  The tool which I found to be extremely helpful was the College Search Map which allowed me to narrow my search based on my academic and regional desires. I was very comfortable and confident calling NCSA with any questions and knowing I would always get their full support.  I highly recommend NCSA to any high school athlete who is seriously seeking to play at the collegiate level!"


2012 California Commit to Waynesburg University

"Honestly, I don't know what I would have done without the help of the NCSA team.  It made my search for colleges so much easier!  It helped me easily search for what college coaches looked for and made it easy for me to find a school that fit all of my qualifications! I think the best thing throughout the whole process was how they edited my footage.  It was so great to not have to do that!  Thank you so so so much for all of you and your teams help!"


2012 Missouri Commit to the College of the Ozarks

"NCSA was helpful in getting my information out to coaches. I have received contacts from volleyball coaches all over the nation, several from outside of where I planned to attend college. Even at this, it was very encouraging to me to know that I was of interest to those coaches. NCSA helped me stay on task with my recruiting process. Probably the thing that I liked best about using NCSA is the video process and how it allowed coaches to get a look at me without me having to send each of them a personal video or highlight tape.  This made things a lot easier." 


Emily Ward, 2013 Volleyball Player From California

"NCSA is totally professional and effective -- everyone is knowledgeable, helpful, kind, courteous and, most importantly, encouraging!!!"

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