Wrestling Recruiting Video Guidelines

Recruiting videos are an important tool for high school athletes who want to wrestle in college.

College wrestling coaches don’t have the time to see every wrestling recruit in person, and that’s why a highlight video is one of the most important parts of your online resume.

A well-made recruiting video illustrates what a high school wrestling recruit has to offer in just a couple of minutes.

In order for your highlight video to be effective, you need to know exactly what coaches are looking for. When it comes to recruiting videos, all sports aren’t the same and NCSA knows what highlights wrestling coaches want to see. For example, a wrestling video should show highlights from your best matches and include a variety of takedowns, escapes, pins, reversal, throws and more to show that you’re a well-rounded wrestler.

If you follow NCSA’s guidelines and create an outstanding highlight video, you’re taking a big step in the wrestling scholarship process.


How to Film:

  • Include time between rounds and referee re-sets. Coaches want to see you wrestle, but they also want to see how you react to coaching between rounds, if you hustle back to the center when the referee calls out-of-bounds, your sportsmanship, and overall demeanor (i.e. high head and confidence even if you are behind).

  • Continue to film from the moment you step on the mat until you step off, even if the match hits a few slow spots.

  • Do not zoom in too close or try to show facial expressions. Focus on the three key elements: yourself, your opponent and the referee.

  • Try to capture as much of the mat as possible, including the referee.

  • If possible, film the individual, not team score board. If capturing the score board requires you to zoom too far out, film the score board between rounds instead. Show the final score on the scoreboard.

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