Wrestling Recruiting Timeline

Getting the right hold of the right program takes discipline and relationship building. Start with finding the right program for you. Keep up with your strengthening training, stay in touch with every coach with a prospective program, develop your highlight tape and pin down your program. Below is your wrestling recruiting timeline, broken down by year.


Freshmen Year: Plan. Highlight Tape. Make contacts.

  • Create a list of 50-100 prospective schools, research 2-3 a week
  • Fill out questionnaires and start to think about schools you would like to visit
  • Send introduction letters to coaches
  • Email and follow up with coaches at different division levels 
  • Get an evaluation of your wrestling skills
  • Get your highlight tape ready 

Tips from Wrestling Expert:

  • D1 coaches can start communicating with recruits via phone, email and private messages starting on June 15 after sophomore year 


Sophomore Year: Proactive. Strengthen Relationships.

  • Continue to send letters to coaches, fill out questionnaires
  • Follow-up and make calls to coaches in prospective programs
  • Make your highlight film

Tips from Expert:

  • D3 and NAIA can contact you at any time, it's important to keep building the relationship
  • Keep building strength in by putting time in the weight room and making good grades


Junior Year: Big Year.

  • D1 — Unofficial and official visits are allowed starting August 1 before junior year
  • Keep emailing and making calls to coaches
  • Respond to EVERY coach
  • Fill out the questionnaires
  • Film your matches and make highlight tape
  • Invite coaches to matches and tournaments 

Tips from Expert:

  • If you haven’t heard from D1, start considering D2, D3, NAIA programs
  • D1 and D2 coaches will start to make offers


Senior Year: Pin down your program.

  • D1 schools allow 5 official visits (1 per school)
  • Call coaches, ask questions, and fill out questionnaires
  • Learn about college application process
  • Make official visits- you are only allowed 5
  • Find out where you stand on recruiting list
  • Regular signing period is in April 
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