Men's Tennis Recruiting Timeline

Back and forth rallies happen all the time in tennis, it should also happen in building relationships with coaches. Academics are a big factor. Consider playing doubles when thinking about scholarships. Stay in contact with them, know which programs you’re most interested in, visit and stay proactive throughout the process.



Freshmen Year

  • Research 2-3 schools per week
  • Create a list of 100 prospective schools consider both athletics and academics
  • Make a highlight film of skills
  • Send introduction letters to coaches
  • Go on at least 3 unofficial visits to colleges
  • Build relationships by making phone calls, send letters and emails
  • Attend camps with the goals of honing your skills and to gain exposure 

Rules/Tips to Remember:

  • Coaches are watching your development throughout high school at camps, in school and on the field
  • Standouts are proactive, it’s never too early for YOU to reach out to a coach 
  • D3 and NAIA coaches can contact you at anytime
  • Important to do be familiar with the school both athletically and academically


Sophomore Year

  • Continue to research prospective schools
  • Continue to build relationships by making calls, sending letters, emails
  • Fill out questionnaires
  • D1 coaches can start communicating with recruits via phone, email and private messages starting on June 15 after sophomore year  


Junior Year

  • D1 — Unofficial and official visits are allowed starting August 1 before junior year
  • Follow-up with coaches you’ve contacted in a TIMELY manner
  • Stay proactive in communication with coaches
  • Invite coaches to your matches, let them know your schedule
  • Ask coaches where you stand on their recruits list
  • Fill out questionnaires
  • Respond to EVERY coach
  • Narrow down your prospective schools list

Rules/Tips to Remember:

  • Junior College is another option if you would like to develop academically
  • Senior year – spring time- the D2, D3, NAIA still make offers


Senior Year

  • D1 schools allow 5 official visits (1 per school)
  • Follow-up with coaches and respond in a TIMELY manner
  • Apply to the schools- applications
  • Apply for financial aid starting October 1
  • Sign and commit to a school and program — the D1/D2 signing period is November 13, 2019 — August 1, 2020
  • Find out the summer workout schedule
  • Get ready for an experience of a lifetime
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