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Men's Volleyball Camps


College men's volleyball camps offer a good venue for instruction and exposure to college coaches. Men's volleyball players can benefit from new strategies and types of instruction, as well as the opportunities to get on the court with players they're not used to. If there are camps near you, be sure to do your homework about the camp to make sure that it will help at your stage of college volleyball recruiting.

What to Expect at Men's Volleyball Camps

Men's volleyball camps typically include both freeplay and skill-specific training. This will give you the time time to practice how you interact with teammates on the court, as well as an experience of what it would be like to get instructed by college volleyball coaches and their staff.

Part of your homework about college volleyball camps should be to see who will be instructing the camp. If it's the head volleyball coach, you'll have a great opportunity to gain exposure with a coach you've already communicated with about your potential as a volleyball player on his or her roster. On the other hand, many men's volleyball camps include instruction by college men's volleyball players. If players are running drills and interacting with you at the camp, be sure to use this opportunity to meet the current team and learn about campus life directly from the source.

The most important part of choosing a college men's volleyball camp that's right for you is knowing what you hope to gain from the event before you have even signed up. Participating in men's volleyball camps can be a meaningful part of your recruiting experience.

Find Events Near You

Men's Can-Am Classic

Detroit, Michigan
Capitol Sports Center
Saturday, May 11, 2019
9 a.m.

All players and coaches must be AAU members in order to participate in this event in any way. If a person plans on being on the bench at any time, they must be an AAU member. Remember to include your club code on your AAU membership!

Nike Boys Volleyball Camp: Webber International University - Intermediate/Advanced Grades 8-12 (Jun 17-20)

Babson Park, Florida
US Sports Camps
Monday, June 17, 2019
9 a.m.

The intermediate program is geared towards intermediate level players. Campers receive instruction on all volleyball skills - Attacking, Setting, Passing, Defense, Serving, and Blocking in a variety of individual, small group and team settings. The advanced program is geared towards high school and club level players with 2-3 years of competitive experience. This intense, challenging program stresses position play, advanced team techniques, physical conditioning, and a higher level of competitive play.

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