Volleyball Highlight Video Guidelines

A recruiting video is an important tool for high school volleyball players hoping to earn a college volleyball scholarship.

College coaches simply don’t have enough time to see every volleyball recruit in person, which is why a highlight video is an essential aspect of your online resume.

It takes just a few minutes for a good recruiting video to show what a high school volleyball recruit has to offer.

If you want your video to be effective, you need to realize what volleyball coaches want to see. Realize that each sport is different when it comes to recruiting videos. NCSA knows what highlights volleyball coaches want to see and how to film them. For example, combining match clips and skills footage is a good idea for volleyball recruits. Also, each position requires a camera to be placed in a specific place at the back of the court.


How to Film:

  • Tape from the near side of the court if possible (the side the player is on).  

  • Keep the camera stationary at a back of the court.  Station the camera in right back for a setter or rightside, middle back for a middle hitter, left back for an outside. 

  • A tripod is highly recommended. 

  • Ideally station the camera 5 feet off the ground.

  • The camera view should not be obstructed (net, other players on the court, line judge, people walking by). 

  • Do not zoom in and out. 

  • Do not follow the ball or move the camera while filming. 

  • Station the camera view so that the player is always in the picture no matter where they are on the court without needing to move the camera.  Be sure you can see a hitters approach.  Serving is the only time that the camera angle may need to be changed, then put it back to the original position. 

  • Every play, player, and ball placement does NOT need to be filmed. 

  • Focus on the player being taped so they are clear and in focus, but not too close!  


Position Specific Instructions:

  • Outside Hitters should log:

    • 10-15 Hits/Kills/Backrow attacks

    • 5 Blocks

    • 5-10 Serve receive

    • 10 Defense plays/Digs

    • 5 Serves

  • Opposite/Rightside Hitters should log:

    • 10-15 Hits/Kills/Backrow Attacks

    • 5 Blocks

    • 5-10 Serve receive (if applicable)

    • 10 Defensive plays/digs

    • 5 Sets

    • 5 Serves

  • Middles should log:

    • 15-20 Hits/Kills

    • 15-20 Blocks/Blocking Footwork

    • 5 Serves

  • Setters should log:

    • 20-25 Sets

    • 5 Attacks

    • 10 Defensive plays/digs

    • 5 Serves

  • DS/Libero

    • 15-20 Serve receive

    • 15-20 Defensive plays/digs

    • 5 Serves

    • 5 Backrow attacks (if applicable)

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