Men's Water Polo Video Guidelines

A good recruiting video is an important tool for high school athletes hoping to play college water polo.

College coaches don’t have the time to see every water polo recruit in person, which is why a highlight video is one of the most important parts of your online resume.

Well-made recruiting videos can illustrate what a high school recruit has to offer in just a couple of minutes.

In order for your video to be effective, you need to know what water polo coaches are looking for in highlight videos. Realize that all sports aren’t the same when it comes to recruiting videos. NCSA knows that water polo coaches want to see a variety of 20 to 40 plays from actual game footage.

If you follow the guidelines provided by NCSA and create an outstanding water polo highlight video, you’re taking the first step towards finding a water polo scholarship.


How to Film:

  • Set up the camera at mid-pool and show enough of the pool so that we are able to see the player's vision, movement with and without the ball, knowledge of position, passing with teammates, etc. A tripod is highly recommended. 

  • The camera view should not be obstructed (crowd, other players on the deck, people walking by). 

  • Do not zoom in and out. 

  • Focus on the player being taped so that they are clear and in focus, but not too close!  


Position Specific: 

  • Utility Players should log:

    • Shooting Ability (Range)

    • Scoring Ability

    • Driving/Play-Making Ability

    • Quickness

    • Ability to Finish Around the Net

    • Athleticism and Awareness

    • Pool Vision/Finding Open Players 

  • Hole Sets should log:

    • Scoring Ability

    • Shooting Ability (Range)

    • Quickness

    • Ability to Draw Ejections and Finish at the Net

    • Ball Handling

    • Athleticism and Awareness

    • Pool Vision 

  • Hole Defenders should log:

    • Ability to Defend and Steal

    • Quickness

    • Ability to Front 

  • Goalies should log:

    • Include Diving to your left and right(low and high shots)

    • High Balls/Lobs Shots

    • Breakaways – how well you cut the angles and do lateral saves

    • 5 Meter Shots

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