Five Things To Know About Women’s Golf Recruiting

Recruiting for women’s golf can be a complicated process. Here are answers to the top five questions our scouting experts receive about women’s golf recruiting—the five things every golfer must know.


When does the women’s golf recruiting process start?

1. Recruiting for women’s golf starts as early as freshman year. Golf coaches begin to identify talented athletes early in their high school careers. This means that the advantage goes to student athletes who are active and informed. There are just over 800 colleges that offer college golf, so competition for golf scholarships can be stiff.


How do I get discovered?

2. College coaches scout based on information from independent and trusted sources like NCSA. Stringing birdies together is the only thing you need to do to be discovered—right? Wrong. College coaches identify golfers using online tools and databases well before they attend high school golf tournaments. Make sure women’s golf coaches know who you are before they see you play.


How do coaches evaluate golf prospects?

3. The Internet is your best women’s golf recruiting tool. College golf coaches don’t have time to attend every high school or AJGA golf tournament. The majority of them identify top prospects by watching video highlights that they request or receive from a trusted third party. This information is what convinces a golf coach to come out and watch you play in person.


Where am I qualified to play college golf?

4. More than 60% of college women’s golfers compete at a level other than Division I. The majority of women’s golf scholarships are offered by schools that compete at the Division II, Division III, NAIA or junior college level. NCSA is an experienced talent evaluator, and can tell you where you’re most likely to find success.


What is my golf coach’s role?

5. Don’t leave your future solely in the hands of your high school coach. Getting recruited is a full-time job, and your coach simply doesn’t have the time to manage the women’s golf recruiting process. Earning a women’s golf scholarship is your responsibility, but NCSA is here to help.


Know your stuff?

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