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Women's Soccer Camps


When you're not in soccer season, women's soccer camps can help you learn new skills and get more exposure to college coaches. Attending college soccer camps will help you prove your dedication to soccer on your soccer recruiting profile. We hope this list will be helpful as you search for women's soccer camps near you.

What to Expect at a College Soccer Camp

Elite soccer camps (like U.S. Club Soccer’s extremely exclusive id2 Camp, which finds players through an intense national scouting and recommendation process) are generally invitation only. Because of this, the level of talent is usually extremely high. The high level of skills instruction at elite soccer camps allows for outstanding player development. If you’re seriously interested in attending an elite girl’s soccer camp, the first step is to have a recommendation from your coach.

College girl’s soccer camps are run by college women’s soccer coaches, and can also offer high quality soccer skills instruction. But college soccer camps also offer a girl’s soccer recruit the chance to get a feel for the soccer program. Attending a soccer camp at a school that you’re interested in playing for lets you check out the school’s campus and athletic facilities, as well as gain some familiarity with the coaching staff.

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