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Coach Features

Play a bigger role in the recruiting success of your players


NCSA Team Edition brings you real-time data and insights on all of your players’ recruitment activities. Now you can quickly view player recruitment stats to:

See who is making progress, and more importantly, who needs help

Review a player’s target school list and make recommendations

Know which players are getting viewed and followed by coaches

Know when players reach out to schools and when they get replies


Best of all Team Edition is easy use. Clubs and Coaches will have all of the right tools in one, easy-to-manage place:

  • Club Dashboard: View of all your teams, athletes and summary of their recruiting activity
  • Coaches' Dashboard: Let coaches view athletes' recruiting activity, and make evaluations and recommendations
  • Virtual Rolodex with access to virtually every college coach
  • Profiles on every NCAA, NAIA and junior college program

Plus, coaches have the option of adding their own player evaluations.

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Recruiting in your hands.

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