Matching high school athletes with colleges is a science. NCSA’s proprietary Recruit-Match technology combines input from student-athletes, college coaches, and NCSA recruiting coaches to help ensure that athletes choose schools that are a good fit for them athletically and academically. The process also alerts coaches to recruits that they may not be familiar with yet, but who are a good match for the coach’s athletic program. This exposes you to schools that you may have not even considered before.


How Recruit-Match Works

The process for you, the high school athlete, is easy. All it requires is a simple profile set up, and minimal profile maintenance during the matching process. The reward is the fact that the NCSA provides you with an easy way to find dozens of colleges that you are interested in and that may be interested in you.


Step 1: Thousands of college coaches have already created their own personal recruiting page. They specify aspects of recruits that they’re looking for like the minimum GPA they’ll accept from a student-athlete, a certain part of the country they prefer recruiting from, or the positions they need to fill.


Step 2: You, the student-athlete, create a profile, which is an online resume hosted by NCSA that illustrates your athletic and academic accomplishments and provides easy access to your highlight/skills videos. You can continually update your profile preferences to include aspects like the size of the school you’re looking for, or where in the country you’d prefer to attend college.


Step 3: An NSCA recruiting coach evaluates your profile from an athletic and academic standpoint to find out what level of competition you are best suited for and what schools might be a good fit. NCSA’s Recruit-Match identifies all of the schools that fit the criteria entered by the recruiting coach. NCSA has a ranking of schools based on academic and athletic strength, and this ranking helps with the matching process.


Step 4: From your profile you can view a list of coaches from each college athletic program that match your preferences. The list is constantly updated. NCSA recruiting coaches refine the list of schools that are good matches based on input from college coaches. For example, if you’re a linebacker and a coach at State University tells the NCSA recruiting coach that he no longer needs linebackers, then that coach/school is removed from your list of potential matches.


Step 5: Coaches can view your online resume whenever they want. This is why putting time into creating a really good profile page is crucial. NCSA recruiting coaches frequently add recommendations about you and detailed information about your profile, which the coach receives via email. This can include tidbits like, “Jenny has been an extremely hard worker.” This extra information is intended to catch a coach’s eye and draw them to your profile. Any time a coach clicks on your athlete profile, you receive an email notification.


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