Drake Floyd ‘12 Recruiting Profile

  • Hudson High School
  • Lufkin, TX
  • Baseball
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Drake Floyd Baseball Recruiting Profile
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Personal Statement

Hello, my name is Drake Floyd. I am a senior at Lufkin-Hudson High School in East Texas. I am new to this school as my parents have relocoted due to their jobs. I have spent nearly all of life in the Jasper, Texas area. I attended school from Kindergarten up through 11th grade in the Jasper Independent School District. I have been playing baseball since I was 5 years old. I have tried other sports through the years but have always came back (quickly) to baseball. It seems that if you are not playing and staying on top of your game someone else is and therefore getting better than you. I want to be the guy constantly getting better so I have remained with one sport, baseball. I am 5'10' tall and weigh 155! I have had to work hard to keep up with the bigger kids since I have been playing. It is now paying off as I have began to grow, both in heighth as well as weight and I am catching up with the rest of the players in size. My father didn't grow much until he was out of high school and I have followed in his footsteps up to this point.

While in Jasper I was fortunate enough to get to be part of a team that made it to the State 3A tournament in Texas in 2010. We did not win the tournament but is was a great honor to attend. I did not get the opportunity to play as I was the back up catcher playing behind a guy who was the All-State catcher for the tournament. This experience was great and has excited me about playing at the next level. The coach of the Jasper, Texas Bulldogs is Shawn Mixon. He has been my coach up until my family relocated. He was the 2007 3A Texas coach of the year and his team also won the 2007 Texas State tournament. He would be a great source of information.

I believe that I am above average as a baseball player! I am also realistic in believing that I am not a kid that should receive a full ride D1 scholarship. I do, however, feel that I can be an asset to most any team on a lower level and feel that with hard work I could achieve making it to the ranks of a D1 school as a baseball player. I know this will take hard work and dedication, those are the two things that have helped me to make it this far. 

I would hope to find a school in the Texas-Louisiana area. I am from East Texas and would like to have the opportunity to play in an area where my family and friends could travel to watch me play. I am close to my family. My dad is one of my biggest supporters and has coached or been a part of most of the pre-high school teams that I have been associated with.  


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