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About NCSA

NCSA College Recruiting is now part of IMG Academy.

NCSA is the largest college athletic recruiting platform, with over 40,000 college coaches using NCSA to find athletes across 34 sports.
For over 20 years, NCSA College Recruiting has offered recruiting advice and college coach connections to high school student-athletes around the world.

As we expand our services and refine our tools, we remain committed to you. With the support of IMG Academy, a finalist in the prestigious World’s Best School Prizes, we’ll be able to help even more student-athletes on their path to playing sports in college and offer a more holistic college recruiting experience.

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Our mission

Inspire and empower every student-athlete in the world to win their future.

Founded by athletes, we support student-athletes in their self-discovery and journey to playing their sport in college. 

We instill skills and habits that form a foundation for success by enabling direct access to college coaches and expert guidance, by leading innovation in sports-minded education, by building a talented team that inspires the next generation of athletes, and by making a positive impact on our communities.

Discover the tools to take control of your future.

We provide access to college coaches and recruiting guidance.

All student-athletes should have equal access to college coaches. We created the world’s largest college recruiting platform, used by 40,000 college coaches, so every athlete can connect directly with college coaches and get discovered.  

Our college search tool helps you find opportunities in every college across the country. The NCSA platform has a data-driven approach to matching you to schools where you have the best chances at getting recruited – ones you didn’t even know were out there. 

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Maximize your potential on a platform built for student athletes.

We are innovating at the intersection of athletic and academic development.

To us, being a student-athlete is more than just the wins and losses. It starts from within. Teamwork, leadership, discipline, confidence, taking risks, learning from failures – We apply these lessons to all aspects of our education platforms to help maximize potential, both on and off the field. 

Our unique, holistic approach offers:  

We’re a diverse, global team united by our belief in the power of sport.

Our talented team is inspiring future generations through sports.

Student-athletes must undergo a journey of self-discovery – we know from personal experience. Our team of former college and professional athletes and coaches are there to give you the confidence to shape your own path. We mentor you and show you how to maximize our platform, so you can focus on your athletic and academic goals.  

As part of IMG Academy, we are committed to equality, democracy, inclusion and sustainability. We’re proud of our diversity, and we seek to provide opportunities to individuals from all backgrounds.  

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Giving back is core to our mission.

We’re making a positive impact in our communities.

We want every student-athlete and college program to benefit from a positive recruiting experience, and we’ve helped over 300,000 student-athletes make their college commitment. With each college commitment, we strengthen that athlete’s ability to become a leader in their community.  

Our mission has always been to try and help as many athletes as possible. In 2023, NCSA donated more than $23 million in college recruiting services to student-athletes demonstrating financial need.  

We’re partnered with the most respected, well-known businesses in youth sports. They all share our passion and drive for helping student-athletes achieve their goals.