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Recruiting for College Coaches

A Free Resource for College Coaches

College coaches have a tremendous list of duties to juggle on a day-to-day basis—coaching itself is just a small slice of the pie. During the recruiting process in particular, they have to find and evaluate a staggering amount of student-athletes. We appreciate the unique role that college coaches play and the varied challenges they encounter. NCSA created a free, flexible service for college coaches that fits the individual needs of each program. Whether that’s getting targeted info on a specific recruit, building a whole class, or promoting their camps, NCSA can help.

Depending on your needs, we can either be an extension of your existing recruiting team or we can handle recruiting for you entirely—whatever works for you! Our customizable Recruit-Match Technology is a great tool you can use on your own, but we’re also proud of our staff of former college coaches and athletes who are always available to provide personalized recommendations based on your program’s needs. They’ve been through this process before, so they have firsthand knowledge on how recruiting works—as both an athlete and coach.

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More than 90 percent of U.S. colleges with athletics programs have had at least one NCSA athlete on their rosters. The quality of the student-athletes we aid is unmatched. Since 2010, NCSA has helped over 23,500 athletes commit to DI schools. Also, you know that if a student-athlete has an NCSA profile, that means the family and student are engaged, motivated and care about their athletic career.

Meet the Coach Relations Team

Our coach relations team is an impressive bunch of former coaches and athletes whose goal is to make college coaches’ jobs easier. They know the process—because they’ve coached at the college level or have personally gone through the recruiting process.

Scott Alexander

Coach Packet Manager

Taylor Fodor

Director of Coach Relations

Rick McDole

EVP of Customer Success

Tom Mitchell

College Coach Community Manager

Tom Snikkers

Head of Coach Relations

Randall Wilkerson

College Coach Recruiting Assistant

Do College Coaches Use NCSA?

In 2020, college coaches viewed NCSA athlete profiles 4,237,278 times. Needless to say, coaches are using our platform. The good news is they’re also finding it beneficial.

A DI Mid-American Conference softball coach recently said of NCSA: “It is refreshing to know that you are doing the assessments and really trying to match the prospects to their appropriate schools. You understand there is so much more that goes into the recruiting process than just sending profiles and information on the prospects. I definitely trust your judgement.”

A DI Midwest Collegiate Conference football coach said: “The information from NCSA has been awesome. It’s user-friendly and very informative. We appreciate all your help.”

A DII U.S. Collegiate Athletic Association women’s soccer coach said: “Your service does an excellent job of matching student-athletes to our needs.”

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Working with NCSA means you’re working with some of the best names in sports. Our industry connections are your connections.

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