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Football Camps: Find the Right Camp to Get Noticed

Find football camps near you

Attending football camps is a great way for high school football players to learn and develop the skills they need to compete at the next level. Depending on where you’re at in the recruiting process, a football camp can help you gain exposure to college coaches and potentially earn a scholarship offer. Get answers to top football camp questions or search NCSA’s list of college football camps below to find a football camp near you. 

Find a college football camp near you 

178 results
IMG Academy
Calendar icon Jan 1, 2024 Dec 31, 2024
Bradenton, FL
Ages / Grade Level: 10yr – 18yr
Drake University
Calendar icon Jun 5, 2024 Jun 26, 2024
Des Moines, IA
Ages / Grade Level: 9th – 12th
Division: NCAA FCS
Central Connecticut State University
Calendar icon Jun 19, 2024 Jul 24, 2024
Berlin, CT
Ages / Grade Level: 1st – 8th
Division: NCAA FCS
West Virginia University
Calendar icon Jun 21, 2024 Jun 21, 2024
Morgantown, WV
Ages / Grade Level: 9th – 12th
Division: NCAA FBS
University of Toledo
Calendar icon Jun 21, 2024 Jun 21, 2024
Toledo, OH
Ages / Grade Level: 9th – 12th
Division: NCAA FBS

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img academy football camps

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IMG Academy football camps are widely recognized as the nation’s best for a reason: they offer top-notch coaching and a proven training method that helps players reach their full potential. Open to ages 10-18, these camps provide tailored programs for all skill levels. Whether aspiring to play college football, secure a spot on the varsity team, or benefit from NFL-experienced coaches, IMG Academy’s developmental football camps cater to the needs of every young player.

Top football camp questions 

The different types of football camps 

Camps is versatile term used in the football world. There are camps intended to develop skills and others provide exposure to college coaches. Below, we breakdown the different types of camps, what to expect and who should attend. 

Here are the 3 main types of camps you can attend: 

Football skills camps 

Specialist football camps 

College football prospect camps 

When do college football camps start? 

Exposure-style camps take place during the NCAA evaluation period. Skill development or position-specific camps can be found in just about every season. Attending a football skills camp before a college exposure camp to improve your skills and increase your chances of standing out. 

Timeline of when football camps start

Will football camps help you get a scholarship offer? 

Coaches want to see their top recruits perform in person. In fact, most college coaches will not even offer a football scholarship until they’ve seen them at a camp. D1 FBS level players may start to see offers coming through this year, but the remaining division levels typically wait to make offers until the summer before senior year. As you continue to develop and get stronger, attend football combines to refresh your recruiting profile.  

At camps, most college football coaches almost exclusively focus on rising seniors. D1 FBS programs split their time between rising seniors, juniors and sophomores.  

College football program statistics

How do you get invited to college football camps? 

Highly ranked football players can sit back and wait for coaches to contact them, but the majority need to be proactive to score a personal invite to a football camp. Research programs to know where you best fit as a player and student. Once you have your list of top schools, contact the coach. Include your combine numbers, highlight film and ask for an evaluation. If they’re interested in seeing you perform in person, they may extend an invite to an upcoming camp. 

What are the best football camps to get recruited or attend? 

The following are some of the best position-specific sessions to skills competitions you’ll find when you search for “football camps near me.” 

What are the best football camps for specialists? 

Specialist players like kickers, punters and long snappers must learn and practice a unique set of skills that aren’t always offered at regular camps. If the camp description or itinerary doesn’t mention specialist drills, it will be a waste of your time and money. Quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers can also benefit from attending camps that are geared towards their position and offer high quality training. The experience of the coach or instructor at a specialist camp will be most important. 

Here are the top specialist camps to attend for training and recruiting exposure:  

How long is D1 football camp?

Football prospect camps hosted on a D1 campus typically last 3-4 hours. If the camp is an overnight camp, you can expect each day to include 3-4 hours of drills and gameplay.  

Can JUCO football players go to camps?

Athletes looking to get recruited by a junior college can attend a Junior College Evaluation Football Camp. These camps gives prospective athletes the opportunity to gain exposure, get video footage for their highlight video and train during the offseason. 


Football camps offer you the opportunity to develop your skillset, gain exposure and explore college campuses. Create an NCSA Recruiting profile to receive and respond to college camp invites.

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