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Football Showcases: Everything You Need to Know

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In the offseason, high school football players head to football showcases in hopes of getting their name put on a list by college coaches or sports analysts. There is a lot of hype around these types of events, so it’s important to understand when and how to use them in recruiting. Get answers to top questions about football showcases or search all football recruiting events here. Use NCSA’s list of college football showcases below to find football showcases near you. 

Find football showcases near you

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Calendar icon Dec 3, 2023 Dec 3, 2023
Council Bluffs, IA
Ages / Grade Level: 9th – 12th
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Calendar icon Dec 3, 2023 Dec 3, 2023
Oak Creek, WI
Ages / Grade Level: 9th – 12th
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Calendar icon Dec 9, 2023 Dec 9, 2023
Denver, CO
Ages / Grade Level: 9th – 12th
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Calendar icon Dec 10, 2023 Dec 10, 2023
Shelby Township, MI
Ages / Grade Level: 9th – 12th
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Calendar icon Dec 10, 2023 Dec 10, 2023
Ages / Grade Level: 9th – 12th

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Top questions about football showcases:   

What is a football showcase?

A football showcase may help a top player get ranked on a football recruiting website, earn star-ratings or gain interest from schools. Some are invite-only, featuring the best high school football players in the nation. Others are reserved for varsity level athletes who are serious about playing college football.

Types of football showcases 

College football showcases provide athletes with two different types of exposure: college coaches or national media coverage. Here are the main differences between college football showcases and third-party football showcases.

A chart showing the main differences between football showcases

Are football showcases worth it?

College football showcases are worth it if a college program you’re interested in is attending. Football showcases list the college programs attending well in advance of registration to allow athletes to review before registering. Athletes should not attend showcases that don’t include college programs from their list of target schools. 

What should you expect at football showcases? 

A college football showcase or mega camp brings several college coaches to one campus or neutral location, allowing players to get evaluated by various division level schools at one time. Schools in attendance will be mentioned well in advance of registration. If there is no mention of college coaches or schools, it is not going to help you get recruited. Athletes can expect to compete in combine style drills, 1-on-1 challenges and 7-on-7 competitions.  

Here are a few examples of college showcases and mega camps:  

A football showcase or exposure camp requires an invite to attend. Sports analysts and media writers will be in attendance to provide website rankings and star ratings. Depending on the time of year, NCAA D2, D3 and NAIA football coaches can also attend. Reading the camp’s itinerary will give you a better look into what you can expect on that day, but you should be prepared to face off against other top-tier athletes during 1-on-1 challenges. 

Here are some popular football showcases and exposure camps: 

How can you get invited to a football showcase? 

Football showcases, or exposure camps, are reserved for the top high school players at the varsity level. To get invited, you will have to be nominated by a high school coach, a sports analyst or earn a spot from your performance at a combine. Athletes who are actively being recruited by colleges or have D1 offers are typically in attendance.  

Overhead view of a college football showcase

How can you get noticed at a college football showcase? 

More times than not, college coaches already have a list of athletes they want to watch when they attend a showcase. But you can make your way onto that list with a little extra work. Follow these steps before, during and after a college football showcase to maximize your exposure and increase your chance of getting recruited.  




The role of rankings and star-ratings in football showcases 

Rankings and star-ratings are important measuring tools used in the football recruiting process. They can help coaches and families answer the question, who will this player be at the next level? But they aren’t the only way to get recruited.  

There are a lot of football showcases that advertise the chance to “level up” or earn stars. The three major recruiting websites that give out rankings and stars to football players are ESPN, Rivals, and 247Sports. Be sure a media analyst from one of these three organizations will be evaluating on site. 

Learn more about football rankings and star-rating system.  

Maximize your exposure and media presence at football showcases  

You’ve secured an invite to a football showcase with sports analysts, now what? You can’t just expect to show up to camp and gain national exposure and star-ratings, you must perform well and stand out!  

Here are 4 things to help you stand out at a football showcase:  

  1. Be prepared. Read the itinerary, and then read it again and again. Knowing what drills to expect will allow you to focus on them. 
  1. Market yourself. Depending on the division level and time of year, some college coaches will attend showcases. Let them know which ones you are attending on social media. Sports analysts will also be looking out for announcements on Twitter.  
  1. Make sure you’re healthy. This means physically and mentally! For an athlete to perform their best, they need to be at 100%. If you’re sick or have an injury that can hinder your performance, it might be better to sit this one out.  
  1. Stand out. There are going to be hundreds of athletes at these camps. And not only that, really good athletes. Find small ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd like wearing brightly colored cleats, headband, etc. 

Do college coaches go to showcases?

Yes, college coaches attend college football showcases and mega camps to evaluate athlete talent as they recruit. Athletes should always review the list of college programs attending before registering for a showcase so you know what coaches will be there. 


When you’re ready to get your name out there to college sports and sports media, a football showcase is right for you. Performing well at a football showcase can be a game changer in your recruiting journey.  

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