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Not an NCSA member yet? Schedule an assessment with an NCSA Recruiting Specialist to discuss where you are in your athletic journey and how NCSA can help.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I log in? 

Athletes and Families 
Returning user? Log in or reset your password digitally by clicking “Forgot Your Password?” Need assistance? If you’re unable to login or reset your password, please call (773) 569-3100.  
College Coaches 
Returning user? Log in or reset your password digitally by clicking “Forgot Your Password?” Need assistance? Email [email protected]

How do I sign up? 

Athletes and Families 
New to NCSA? Create a Free Profile in Seconds. Fill out the form and create a password. After submitting, you will be prompted to complete your profile. Didn’t receive account setup instructions? Enter your email here and check your email for next steps. 
Interested in purchasing a membership? Call now (866) 495-5172 or schedule a recruiting assessment now to learn more about your options and enroll today. 
College Coaches 
New to our database? Sign up on the coach login page. Enter your name, email, sport, school, and create a password. After submitting, check your email for next steps. For assistance, email us at [email protected]

I have a question about my profile 

If you have specific questions about your recruiting profile such as how to edit your profile or how to share your profile link, please email us at [email protected] (for non-members) or [email protected] (for members) to get guidance. 

Can we use NCSA for multiple sports? 

Yes! NCSA helps college coaches discover athletes across 35 sports. Multi-sport athletes are encouraged to create a separate profile for each sport they are serious about playing in college. Create your profile for each sport by completing the form and setting up your password. Once you submit, you’ll be guided to finish your profile. 

What is an NCSA recruiting assessment? 

A recruiting assessment is a comprehensive evaluation offered by NCSA to help student-athletes and their families navigate the college recruiting process. This assessment involves assessing athletes’ current skills, academic qualifications, and athletic goals. It provides valuable insights and recommendations to create a personalized recruiting plan. The NCSA recruiting assessment is designed to guide athletes in their journey to connect with college coaches and increase their chances of finding the right college sports program to match their abilities and aspirations. Learn more or schedule an assessment today.

How do I purchase a membership? 

To purchase an NCSA membership or learn more about membership options visit our membership page. You can select the membership plan that fits your needs and follow the instructions provided on the page to get more information. 

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