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What Is an NCSA Recruiting Assessment?

If you’ve created your free online recruiting profile with NCSA, you’ve probably received emails and calls from NCSA encouraging you to set up a time for your free recruiting assessment with one of our recruiting specialists. We’ve designed these calls as a way to gauge

During this call, the recruiting specialist will also activate the athlete’s online recruiting profile, making it even easier for coaches to find the athlete’s information when they search for recruits online. However, many families end up missing this opportunity because they aren’t sure what to expect in their recruiting assessment. We’ll walk you through exactly what goes on during this call—and why you want to take it!

A recruiting coordinator will contact your family to set up your recruiting assessment

To kick things off, a recruiting coordinator will contact your family. During this 15-minute call, they will ask a few basic questions to make sure that your athlete is ready to start the recruiting process, such as:

Some athletes aren’t quite ready athletically, while others just don’t have the desire to get recruited yet. And that’s OK! The purpose of this call to help the athletes who are ready move on to the next step and get their recruiting off the ground.

Once the coordinator has determined that the athlete is on the right track, they’ll find a recruiting specialist for your family to meet with based on your athlete’s sport and recruiting goals. Your coordinator will schedule a time for your assessment that works with your family’s schedule.

Your recruiting specialist will ask your family some questions to make sure your student is a recruit-able athlete

It’s finally here: your recruiting assessment! Make sure everyone involved in the college decision is gathered together, and you all have access to a computer or laptop (a tablet can be used, but a laptop or desktop works better). Your recruiting specialist will pick up where your call with the coordinator left off. It might sound something like this:

“In the notes from my coordinator, it looks like you have good grades, you made your freshman team and you are dedicated to playing baseball in college. Does that sound right? I have a few other questions to determine if you’re a recruit-able student-athlete. If you are, I’ll get you activated!”

Then, the specialist will dive into some sport-specific questions, like what is your position or event? Can you share some athletic stats (40-yard dash time, PRs, etc.)? How long have you been competing in your sport? Once they’ve determined that your athlete has what it takes to compete in college sports, the specialist will activate your student-athlete’s free online recruiting profile.

You’ll leave your recruiting assessment with a game plan that will help you accomplish your family’s recruiting goals

The rest of the call will focus on creating a customized recruiting game plan for your student-athlete and showing your family how to use your recruiting profile to achieve your recruiting goals. Don’t have a highlight or skills video yet? The specialist will show you a great example of a recruiting video in your athlete’s sport and outline the main components you need to include. Haven’t created a list of target schools? The specialist will walk you through our full list of colleges in your athlete’s recruiting profile and show you how to start searching for schools.

Based on your family’s experience with the recruiting process and where you’re at right now, they might recommend that you consider purchasing some of NCSA’s services. From professional video editing to monthly sessions with a recruiting coach, we have a full range of services that can be customized based on families’ individual recruiting needs.

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