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Category: Training

Camps Football Dance Classes

Football Players: Should You Be Looking into Dance Classes?

Did you know that generations of football players have been taking ballet classes to improve their athletic performance? That’s right, ballet is a proven beneficial cross training activity for football players looking to improve balance, agility, strength and coordination. Even highly successful NFL players include ballet as part of their training regimen.  So, should you […]

10 ways training camps improve athletic performance

10 Ways Training Camps Improve Athletic Performance

Improving athletic performance: 10 benefits of training camps How to improve athletic performance Train at a leading athletic performance program If you want to hone your skills, build life-long friendships and become a physically and mentally tough athlete, IMG Academy sport camps provide the platform to maximize your potential. IMG camps offer customizable programming options […]

basketball shooting drills featured image

11 Basketball Shooting Drills to Practice

If you want to kick your basketball game up a notch, you need to start practicing like the pros. Basketball shooting drills are a great way to improve your shooting accuracy and consistency for competitive gameplay.   There are a variety of drills that you can do to work on different aspects of your shooting. Over […]

Change Up Workouts Between Seasons With Interval Training

It’s the calm between winter and spring sports for many high school athletes. Or is “calm” really the word I want to be using? If you’re anything like me, the biggest fight of the off-season is struggling against the training lull. And, like I was just a few months ago, you might be frustrated or […]