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student-athletes walking to class

Full Ride Scholarships and How to Get Them

You may have heard of getting a “full ride” to a school before, but what is a full ride scholarship? In a nutshell, a full ride scholarship is the dream for many student-athletes.   You want to go to college, and knowing how expensive it can be, you want to use your talents in sports to […]

Ivy League Scholarships Featured Image

What You Need To Know About Ivy League Athletic Scholarships

In the United States, the Ivy League 8 consists of eight prestigious colleges and universities. They include:  These schools have some of the most competitive, elite athletes in the country and many students apply only to get rejected each year. The athletic programs for each Ivy League school are very particular about whom they choose […]

getting recruited

9 Essential Steps to Getting Recruited

The recruitment process can be long and arduous, but it can also be extremely rewarding. By staying proactive throughout the entire recruiting process, you have a much greater chance of being recruited. We’ve prepared a guideline to help you along your recruiting journey with key tips to help you achieve your dream.  1. Stay ahead […]

two sports featured image

Two Sports in College? Is that Possible?

“Can you play two sports in college?” is a question many athletes have. The short answer is yes. But depending on the division, playing two sports in college could be one of the toughest challenges of your life, specifically if those sports are at the D1 level. It might be better to figure out which […]

jv vs varsity featured image

What Are the Differences Between JV and Varsity?

Schools use JV to train their rising stars. The next Tom Brady or Brett Favre of the team gets their start in JV. They move to varsity when they’ve proven themselves ready.  If you’ve lived and breathed football all your life, you’ve probably wondered about varsity vs. JV. Which team will I get to play […]

19 Questions Coaches Hate Blog

Your Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

After months of answering questions and responding to comments on our Facebook page we’ve gathered a list of the 5 most frequently asked questions/posted comments we’ve come across. The following should help you have a better understanding of how NCSA College Recruiting works and why setting up a profile might just be your next step to jump […]