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Softball Recruiting Guide

For many high school softball players, competing at the college level is a life-long goal

To get there, you need to know what it takes to get recruited by college coaches. The softball recruiting process can be tough, with many milestones to meet and boxes to check off. We’ve compiled the crucial information you need to know to find the best college softball program for you.

Below, we’ve outlined the major sections of our softball recruiting guide. This information was created by our team of former college softball coaches and athletes, who have experienced both sides of the recruiting process. Keep an eye out for their insider tips to get that extra edge in your recruiting. Use this softball-specific information alongside our college recruiting guide, which outlines the whole recruiting process from start to Signing Day, to learn everything you need to know to successfully navigate the softball recruiting process.

Learn how to get recruited for softball and find softball scholarships

Let’s start with the basics: How do you get recruited for softball? While no two recruiting journeys will be exactly the same, there are specific milestones that every softball player will need to achieve.

See what it takes to get recruited for softball.

Review the softball recruiting guidelines for your position

Based on feedback from former college softball coaches and athletes, we’ve created a set of guidelines to help you gauge what division level might be best for you athletically. Use these guidelines as a point of reference in your recruiting process to make sure that you’re on track.

Find the softball recruiting guidelines for your position.

Familiarize yourself with the softball rules and recruiting calendar

The NCAA softball recruiting rules determine when and how college coaches can communicate with recruits. Brush up on the basics to know when to expect the various communications from coaches.

View the softball recruiting rules and calendar

Find Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, NAIA and JUCO softball colleges

Thousands of schools across the U.S. offer softball programs. The trick? Finding the right school for you. This is one of the more difficult parts of the softball recruiting process, so we’ve laid out the differences between the divisions and some top colleges.

Learn more about the different college divisions.

Create your skills video

While some sports require a highlight video with game footage, softball is a little different. Most college coaches want to see a skills video showing how well you field your position and your batting skills. College softball coaches rely on video to gauge recruits’ athleticism and skill level—and to make their initial evaluation of athletes. In other words, you need to make your video count!

Discover how to create your best softball skills video.

Find the right camp, combine, tournament or showcase for you

In softball recruiting, attending an event can be a great way to compete in front of college coaches, get updated softball numbers and improve your skills. However, you need to find the best events to attend based on where you’re at in your softball recruiting process.

Read more about how to find the right event for you.