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College Recruiting Tools for Student Athletes

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Men’s college sports recruiting tools

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Women’s college sports recruiting tools

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Begin your search for college athletic scholarships

For many student-athletes, getting recruited for college sports also means receiving an athletic scholarship. Beyond simply finding college athletic scholarships for students, NCSA specializes in matching college coaches with qualified student athletes, as well as proactively guiding each student-athlete and family through the college athletics recruiting process. We take the full measure of a student-athlete’s potential by highlighting their athletic and academic achievements to effectively market them to college coaches throughout the country.

What is the college recruiting process like for student athletes?

It takes more than dominating as an athlete to get recruited for college sports. Student-athletes have to take a proactive approach to the college athletics recruiting process. Many coaches begin recruiting athletes for college programs long before initial contact is permitted by the NCAA recruiting rules, which means student-athletes need to start marketing themselves to coaches as early as freshman year. The first step is to create a recruiting profile on athletic recruiting websites, like NCSA, and register for the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Learn more about the college recruiting process and how to get recruited.

Do college coaches look at recruiting questionnaires?

Yes, college coaches turn to recruiting questionnaires as a way to easily gather important details like contact information, links to online profiles, NCAA ID numbers and more. This allows coaches more time to focus on the athlete evaluation process. It’s important to remember that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of student-athletes filling out recruiting questionnaires, so recruits should look at these questionnaires as just one of many college recruiting tools they should be using to reach out college coaches.

Tips for completing a college recruiting questionnaire.

How NCSA College recruiting services help

NCSA has spent the last 20 years refining the college recruiting tools that student-athletes need to be successful during their recruiting journey. It all begins with an online recruiting profile and a free self-assessment to help athletes create a game plan for the recruiting process. This, combined with our large college coach network and staff of experienced recruiting coaches and specialists, allows us to help student-athletes and their families confidently navigate the athletic recruiting process.