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Baseball ScholarshipMen’s Rowing Scholarship
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Women’s Basketball ScholarshipMen’s Soccer Scholarship
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Men’s Diving ScholarshipSoftball Scholarship
Cheerleading ScholarshipMen’s Swimming Scholarship
Women’s Diving ScholarshipWomen’s Swimming Scholarship
Field Hockey ScholarshipMen’s Tennis Scholarship
Women’s Flag Football ScholarshipWomen’s Tennis Scholarship
Football ScholarshipMen’s Track Scholarship
Men’s Golf ScholarshipWomen’s Track Scholarship
Women’s Golf ScholarshipMen’s Volleyball Scholarship
Women’s Gymnastics ScholarshipWomen’s Volleyball Scholarship
Men’s Ice Hockey ScholarshipMen’s Water Polo Scholarship
Women’s Ice Hockey ScholarshipWomen’s Water Polo Scholarship
Men’s Lacrosse ScholarshipMen’s Wrestling Scholarship
Women’s Lacrosse ScholarshipWomen’s Wrestling Scholarship

Do you think you can compete at the next level?

Student-athletes looking to compete at the collegiate level cannot rely on their athletic ability alone to catch the attention of college coaches. A successful recruiting process requires student-athletes to proactively market themselves, and an NCSA recruiting profile is a great way to get started. Visit our page on how NCSA works to learn more about our recruiting profiles and how we help student-athletes get recruited.

Learn the best approach for contacting college coaches

Student-athletes wondering how to find athletic scholarships should start by contacting college coaches. As athletes build relationships with coaches, they will be able to discuss their athletic resume and determine what opportunities for college athletic scholarships are available. Remember, if you find that you are not a contender for an athletic scholarship or you are looking to attend an NCAA Division 3 school, there are merit-based scholarships for athletes with good grades.

Athlete recruiting checklists

To compete at an NCAA program and be eligible to receive athletic scholarships, student-athletes must meet the NCAA eligibility requirements. The checklists below will help you to navigate all your recruiting to dos:

Develop your recruiting game plan

The NCAA has established strict rules and regulations for the college recruiting process. For example, the NCAA determines what sports are scholarship athletics and the number of athletic scholarships that college coaches are permitted to award per sport each year. Student-athletes should familiarize themselves with these guidelines as they develop a recruiting game plan. First you need to understand scholarship athletics at the collegiate level.

Recruiting tools

Not sure how to know what sport is for you? Check out our addition recruiting resources, for more recruiting information that will help you determine the right sport and college program for you and build your athletic resume.