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NCSA College Recruiting Reviews

NCSA Reviews from Parents And Athletes

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One of our core values at NCSA is “direct and honest communication.” In that spirit, we consistently get feedback from our families by asking “how likely are you to recommend NCSA?” Here’s what some of our customers had to say.


Class of 2025 – Parent – Baseball
“The people at NCSA are always available, they help parents and student-athletes understand the recruiting process. This is not an easy journey for people new to the scene, but Coach Cam and NCSA have been with us every step to explain things or educate us in the process.”

Class of 2023 – Student – Basketball  
“I wouldn’t be going to the school I’m going to without NCSA.” 

Class of 2023 – Student – Basketball  
“I didn’t feel like I was good enough to play at the next level until I saw interest from coaches using NCSA.” 

Class of 2024 – Student-Athlete – Baseball
“I would recommend NCSA to a friend because it seems that they care about their athletes and getting them committed to the college that best fits their needs.”

Class of 2023 – Parent- Soccer  
“Coach Luis has been here every step of the way and continues to be a valuable support system as our son continues his journey. He is always accessible and willing to go above the call of duty. You can tell he is passionate and committed in assisting in the success of all outcomes. He is more than a coach, he is a friend.”  

Class of 2023 – Parent – Football  
“Great advice and insight. We needed the guidance.” 

Class of 2023 – Parent – Ice Hockey  
“Coaches assistance and guidance is unmatched by other programs. The group really does work with the athlete and their wants and needs. Great resource for any aspiring athlete as the advice and discussions are extremely helpful navigating athletics.” 

Class of 2023 – Student-Athlete – Baseball 
“The staff and NCSA itself helped me in many more ways than I’d ever know.  The tools and advantages it gives are like none other through all college contacts and having staff that knows what’s best at the right time during the process of recruiting.” 

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Class of 2022 – Student-Athlete – Football  

“Great system, especially if you are unsure of what you need to do or where you need to go for information. It’s all here.” 

Class of 2022 – Student-Athlete – Golf 
“Many coaches have reached out to me from using NCSA.” 

Class of 2021 – Parent – Football 
“The personal attention to our son from NCSA is awesome. Even after we committed to signing up with you guys, we constantly receive emails, texts, and calls from NCSA inquiring on where Kody is at in his process and advice on his recruiting profile. He is young, so we have some work to do in getting his profile done, but it is less intimidating knowing NCSA is there to help us at any given time. You guys are top notch.” 

Class of 2021- Parent – Soccer 
“So far, Lindsay has been helpful, patient and clear about this whole process. It’s a little overwhelming getting involved in the athletic recruitment process, and she has taken some of the anxiety away. She suggested some great ways to improve Emily’s performance in play while critiquing her video clips. It’s always helpful for an athlete to hear these things from a coach rather than a parent.” 

Class of 2020-Student-Athlete – Baseball 
“Y’all are respectful and make me feel confident in my decisions. I feel like I’m talking to a close friend, and I don’t feel uncomfortable. Y’all help me with anything that I need help with and make the online process easier. I wouldn’t know what to do for coaches to look at me without the NCSA staff.” 

Class of 2020- Parent – Football 
“The reason we gave you a good score was because of the coaches. We first had Coach Hyatte whom both my sons liked very much and were very disappointed when he left NCSA to pursue his own dreams, but they understood. Then we got Coach Demartino but only had him for two weeks when we were told that he was leaving. We got very concerned that this might become a pattern. We just recently talked to our new Coach D. Ware, and after a 30-minute session with Coach Ware, both of my sons, who are twins, felt a very strong connection with this man. One of my sons was so impressed as to the information that Coach Ware relayed to them and the concern that he expressed for their future. It was everything that we expected to receive when we signed up for NCSA. My son wants to personally meet this man now, and he isn’t the type to want to meet people all the time. Coach Ware is very professional, very informative, and very concerned with the goals and aspirations of my twin boys. He sent all that he said he would the very next day, he called our home exactly at the time scheduled, and was a delight to converse with. There should be more people in the world like Coach Ware. He is a special person to be able to relay these feelings over the phone. Please do not take him away from my sons, we have faith that he will help us on their journey to accomplishing their dreams, and we truly believe that he was a God send, yours Truly the Rennie Family.” 

Class of 2020 – Parent – Football 
“We have recommended several people to NCSA (2 families have entered your program through our feedback to them) because we like the communication with the recruiter, and the website is very up to date with tons of information about the colleges and the continuous effort to reach our 2 sons’ goals to play beyond high school. We’re very happy with the program, especially Coach Martin Hyatt, who was our sons’ recruiting coach. We were disappointment he is leaving NCSA, but the recruiter taking his place seems like a perfect fit for our sons’ future. :)” 

Class of 2020- Parent – Soccer 
“Thus far our experience has been positive, however we are just beginning. We went with another company with our daughter and were not impressed as we progressed further along in the process. We are optimistic that our experience with our son using NCSA will be different.” 

Class of 2019- Student-Athlete – Swimming 
“NCSA has helped me realize that the passion I feel for swimming can be carried over to a college level. I have shared this amazing organization with peers who are, like me, passionate about their sport. The guidance this site provides is easy to follow. The network is amazing. Every time I see that a college coach is looking at my profile makes my dream more real. I’m so excited to be noticed and know that others share my passion.” 

Class of 2020- Parent –Football 
“I was very excited to get the call to discuss recruiting opportunities. During the call, I was surprised and pleased to have received an emailed evaluation of our son. It felt like our representative had taken time to review film, assess our son’s skill set and apply his abilities with specific colleges. This was the first proactive step on behalf of NCSA that we feel can make a big difference in the recruiting process and we are very excited about it.” 

Class of 2020 – Parent – Football 
“This program is amazing, plain and simple. From the awesome recruiting coaches and staff, to helping my son become a young man and achieve his dreams. Love, love, love it. And extra hats off to coach Chris Vincent. He’s been amazing to our family and is making the process easier.  Thanks, NCSA family” 

Class of 2020 – Parent – Football 
“It is the Gold standard for a blueprint on how to get recruited. We also get the added benefit of having Coach Doug Wallace as our Recruiting Coach. He is always genuine and gives us the straight answers on what it takes to be recruited. This past year we were very fortunate and got to meet Coach Wallace at Rivals Camp. Even though he was very busy handling several duties at the Rivals camp, he took the time to meet Holston and me – a very classy gesture on his part that he didn’t need to do. We are very pleased with NCSA and what it offers.” 

Class of 2020 – Student-Athlete – Baseball 
“The primary reason I chose 10 is because NCSA, from what I know, provides the best opportunity for anyone who dreams of playing a collegiate sport. All of the people I have talked with through NCSA are extremely kind and want nothing but the best from me. I’ve already fallen in love with NCSA because I have everything I need to become educated on how the recruiting process works and always have access to ask questions. I would highly recommend NCSA to a friend who dreams of playing a sport in college.” 

Class of 2020 – Parent – Baseball 
“Professionalism, experience and promptness. I have been very impressed by the professionalism of Coach Andy Drake and the experience his is bringing to my son’s recruiting process. I know Coach Drake has many clients he’s working on behalf of, but he makes sure to give the feeling that Malachi is his top priority. His suggestions and reviews have been invaluable.” 

Class of 2020 – Parent – Volleyball 
Sue Webber has been a huge help! She has taken a personal interest in my daughter and answers all of my crazy questions as the mom. We couldn’t do this without her! I love being able to see who reads the emails and views the profile. The video NCSA made for my daughter’s profile is excellent.” 

Class of 2020 – Parent – Soccer 
“We have a fantastic recruiting coach. Lindsey understands the challenge firsthand, as she has lived it. Lindsey works and communicates well with my daughter. The support is on point and relevant to the current stage of recruitment. This, in turn, inspires my daughter to continue the hard work. Thanks, Lindsay and NCSA.” 

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