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Category: Mental Health & Nutrition

how to conquer back to school featured image

How to Beat the Back-to-School Scaries

Starting a new school year can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Whether you’re adjusting to a larger school, making new friends, familiarizing yourself with new teachers and classes or feeling the pressure of competition, those familiar “back-to-school scaries” might pay a visit.  But don’t worry, we’re here to help you prepare. We’ve compiled some practical […]

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5 Powerful Benefits of Journaling for Student-Athletes and How to Get Started

Remember those childhood diaries where you poured your heart out onto the pages? Well, turns out, writing down your thoughts, feelings and emotions has serious benefits. And guess what? It’s not just for kids! Journaling is a powerful tool, especially in the world of athletics, and it can do wonders for student-athletes like you. Get […]

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The Benefits of Mindfulness for Student-Athletes

Have you ever stopped to think about how hard our minds work during competition? It’s a constant battle against distractions. Whether it’s the cheers of the rival team’s fans, trying to remember plays, the pressure of a big game or even that annoying itch from your jersey tag that just won’t quit, distractions are everywhere […]

the benefits of rituals featured image

Sports Rituals: What Are They and How Do They Benefit Athletes?

Do you wear the same socks to every game? Or listen to the same playlist during warm up? How about visualizing your race the night before? Sports rituals look different for every athlete, but their purpose remains largely the same: to boost confidence and gain control. Read on to learn more about why athletes develop […]

how to gain confidence at half time featured image

How to Gain Confidence During Halftime 

Halftime is more than just a break from the game. How you approach halftime could determine how you perform in the second half. For example, practicing positive self-talk can boost your confidence going into the second half and help improve your performance. Keep reading for more tips on how to refocus and refuel during halftime.  […]

overcoming a sports injury

How to Overcome a Sports Injury During the Recruiting Process

It’s a moment most athletes hope to avoid – getting hurt while playing the sport they love. Aside from the physical pain, a sports injury can be particularly difficult to cope with because it forces you to sit on the bench and lose playing time.   That can bring up deep feelings of disconnection, loss of […]

athlete on track

Managing Competition Anxiety: Tips for Student-Athletes

Game time, baby! That rush of adrenaline before a big competition is unbeatable. But what if it starts becoming too much to handle? Nerves are totally normal in sports, but when it starts to impact your performance, it’s time to take a closer look. You might be experiencing competition anxiety. When we get worked up […]

camps how to be confident with coaches in the stands featured image

7 Ways To Feel Confident and Play Your Best When College Coaches Are in the Stands

Picture this: You’re at the free-throw line with five seconds left to go in the game and you’re down by one point. You look up to see the coach from your dream school in the stands. Nerves begin to creep up. What do you do? Allow the fear of missing the shot to overwhelm you, […]

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Are You as Mentally Tough as Peyton Manning?

In the 1998 NFL draft, the Indianapolis Colts held the first pick overall. In need of a quarterback, they had two great options: Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf. Though both athletes had similar skill sets, the league favorite was Ryan Leaf. So, the Colts decided to dive a little deeper into the character of Manning […]

Why Student-Athletes Really Can’t Skip Breakfast

The following is a post by Kelly Springer, a registered dietitian/nutritionist and the founder of Kelly’s Choice LLC. With late nights, early mornings, and a busy schedule it is so easy to bypass the first meal of the day when you are trying to sleep in a bit and take care of others. We have all […]