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Your Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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After months of answering questions and responding to comments on our Facebook page we’ve gathered a list of the 5 most frequently asked questions/posted comments we’ve come across. The following should help you have a better understanding of how NCSA College Recruiting works and why setting up a profile might just be your next step to jump start your recruiting process!

1. My student-athlete is still in middle school, when can I start a profile for him/her?

Usually we say it is never too early to start the recruiting process. If you have a very serious middle school athlete that is committed it would not hurt to build a profile and keep it up to date. The profile comes with access to a lot of educational tools for athletics, academics, and the recruiting process in general which will allow the athlete to set goals and be on the right track. If you think you shouldn’t start the recruiting process until end of junior year or senior year, think again. Junior year is the most important year in the recruiting process and if you are not recognizable to coaches, you can easily slip through the cracks. Even if you are on the edge about playing sports at the collegiate level, it doesn’t hurt to set up a free profile and talk to coaches just to keep your options open.

2. My student-athlete plays more than one sport, how can I add sports to his/her profile?

Multi-sport athletes are encouraged to set up profiles for each of their sports and highlight the fact that they are multi-sport athletes in front of coaches, as it looks good and shows dedication to athletics. To set up a profile for each additional sport you or your student-athlete may have, you need to have a separate email address to distinguish between the sports as the email serves as the username. Coaches only have access to players of their own sport. By creating two separate profiles; coaches are not accessing your second sport’s profile. This is for your benefit so each of your individual sports profiles receives the most exposure.

3. It’s up to the student-athlete’s high school coach to find him/her a scholarship; we don’t need a service…

When a coach sees a recruiting profile, he/she can access videos and verified information as well as contact information with the click of a button. The recruiting profile also allows for the student-athlete to see which coaches from what schools have been looking at their pages and then are able to reach out directly to these coaches to show interest in their program. When you or your student-athlete becomes a verified athlete with NCSA, coaches see that they have already spoken to scouts and recruiting coaches and it shows their determination for playing at the next level.

This is a common misconception about the recruiting process. While the high school coach of the student athlete may play a part in the recruiting process, it is not up to the coach to find the student-athlete a position on a college team or a scholarship. The student-athlete needs to be the key player in contacting college coaches and showing their skills. With the assistance of a recruiting profile to showcase the student-athlete’s skills, along with the help of recruiting coaches and college scouts, the student-athlete has all the right tools to excel in the recruiting process and find the right fit school. Coaches these days like to have easily accessible, reliable information.

4. How much does this service cost?

With NCSA, you can set up a free online profile whenever you wish. We conduct scouting interviews between student athletes and their families at no cost. Our head scout needs to evaluate the student-athlete and see if he/she is the type of prospect we can put in front of coaches. In addition to evaluating your student-athlete, if there is some need based on where your family is at in recruiting, he/she is going to show your family some additional tools/resources that could help expedite the process and get his/her name in front of more college coaches. We have never turned a family away for financial reasons.

5. This image is for (x sport), do you set up profiles for (y sport)?

While some images you may come across for NCSA on Facebook are primarily for women’s sports, others are for men’s. Some images are for primarily for one sport, while others are for other sports. NCSA offers recruiting profile for a large number of sports. To check out our list of sports profiles we offer you can visit our website and click on the tab for “pick your sport”.

New to the recruiting process? See what college programs you might qualify for by creating your free NCSA College Recruiting Profile.