Athletic Recruiting Advice for Parents

What Parents Have to Say About Recruiting

Plenty of student-athletes have found success at the college level thanks to some guidance from NCSA. Here is your chance to read some of the lessons their parents have learned along the way and what advice they'd like to share with you to help make the most out of your recruiting process.  


Parent of 2013 Commit to Ohio Valley University

"The best advice we have is to respond immediately to coaches that contact you. Do not hesitate. Also, when you see that they have taken a look at your profile, email them promptly. Be kind and humble and appreciative of their time and attention. This is the time to sell yourself big time. It's not just your grades and what you can do on the field; it is your attitude and self confidence and respectful nature. The coaches are wanting the whole package because they know that the chemistry of the team is 50% of the battle. If you come across as a cocky teenager instead of a respectful young adult, then you will be passed over. When you go on the official visit.....then it is their turn to sell themselves to you."


Parent of 2012 Commit to Calvin College

"Once thing I would advise others; don’t wait until Senior year of high school to start this process. Coaches are looking at players much earlier than you would think, as early as 7th grade. Start taking video as soon as they start playing high school hockey or Juniors if that is the route they take. Communicate with and visit as many coaches as you can. It is best to meet and talk with the coaches in person and then continue communication via email. Thanks again for your support. We are excited to see our son continue his hockey career in college, and it is largely due to NCSA."


Parent of 2013 Commit to the University of Nebraska - Lincoln

"My recommendation to all parents is to first sign up with NCSA and follow the suggestion in the book “Athletes Wanted”. Also, the parent must be proactive in contacting the school/coaches to promote your children. You must take the attitude you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by contacting several schools to let them know about your sons and daughters. NCSA is an excellence tool to assist with the recruiting process. Finally, the parents must realize not all athletes are D-1 material. There are a lot of great D-2 and D-3 school that provide scholarship opportunities to pay for their children’s college tuition. Again, many thanks for everyone’s support and assistance from NCSA with our son’s wonderful college recruiting experience."


Parent of 2013 Commit to Minnesota State University

"In our experience these are the extra things you need to know and do. If your son wants to play beyond High School start early, not after his junior football season like we did. If you join make sure your High School Coach and Guidance Counselor knows and when he/she writes letters to colleges to tell them your son is on the NCSA. Sign up for camps at the schools that the NCSA has matched him with and go to camps starting in the freshman year or earlier. Never assume that the college that you live closest to will come and want him to play for them... we have a D-2  School that is 50 miles from us and never contacted us to very late in the game. My son is going on a football scholarship to a school in the same league and will be playing against them. Remove your spam blocker, we found alot of the college e-mails were in our spam file."


Parent of 2014 Commit to Illinois State University

"Our advise would be: always work smart, train hard, be as visible as possible (physically, electronically, and in video), be realistic about your athletic level, and research as much as possible. We thank NCSA for their valuable advise, website, video processing, and college connecting.  We most importantly feel blessed to have had such wonderful opportunities and to have met such quality coaches at fine universities."


Parent of 2013 Commit to the University of Central Arkansas

"We would advise aspiring college athletes to begin the process early (just as NCSA advised us). Try to make a list of most desired schools/programs and again, as early as possible, establish a relationship with those schools. Take every opportunity to connect by attending camps, making unofficial visits and getting to know coaches and recruiting coordinators. You'll be surprised how interested and available these people can be. Once you get to know some of these people stay in touch and make them aware of your progress. This is where the NCSA will give you great guidance. Attend the web classes and ask questions. Take advantage of everything the NCSA has offer to be successful in finding the right fit for your education and sport."


Parent of 2012 Commit to Eastern Arizona College

"We would advise aspiring athletes, particularly those who are pursuing a college golf career to seriously consider your services. There were so many options to evaluate that, most likely, we would never have known about them. You helped us realize our opportunities and, thus, being associated with your recruiting service was a great investment for us. We thank you much and, who knows, we may see you in the future, as it continues to take shape."


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