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NCSA's staff of former college athletes, coaches and scouts will help you compete for scholarships.We know who you are: an athlete on the verge of making the next step, confident in your ability to raise your game to the next level, just hoping to be noticed, to be given the opportunity to play your game. We've been there.

Nearly all of our 330-strong staff competed at the college level. Now, working with NCSA allows us to help others earn the same opportunity.For people who know the value of college athletics—who continue to benefit from its lessons and values well beyond the span of a college athletic career—it's just about the most rewarding job you can find. We at NCSA share that viewpoint—and a common passion for what we do. In fact, many of us think of it less as a job and more as a lifestyle. But we don’t just bring a real love for college sports; our people bring decades upon decades of experience in college athletics and beyond.

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Paul Adrian

VP of Scouting
Wake Forest
I came to NCSA to make a difference in the lives of student athletes. I get emails and letters from athletes thanking me for spending the time on the phone helping them make a decision that changed their lives.

Erik Agner

Head Scout
Bowling Green State University
I came to NCSA to provide families and athletes with an opportunity that I did not have. I was a talented baseball player in high school but was unfamiliar with the recruiting process.

Joseph Albany

Head Scout
Lycoming College
I joined the NCSA team to help student athletes and families by educating them so they can take control over their recruiting process.

Scott Alexander

Senior Football Recruiting Coach
Western Michigan University
Originally from Bloomfield Hills, MI, I am a 2007 graduate of Western Michigan University with a degree in political science. I spent five years as a member of the WMU football program, serving as a student assistant coach in 2005 and 2006.

Mike Ammirati

Football Scout
Illinois Wesleyan University
After spending my first year-and-a-half out of college helping high school-aged, at-risk youth at a residential treatment center, I was lucky enough to come aboard with NCSA through a fellow Wesleyan Alum, who explained how he was helping student-athletes through the recruiting process.

Mike Antkowiak

Head Scout
Marquette University
I'm empowered to help leaders through sports because I didn't have the athletic opportunities to make a wise college decision. I played soccer in high school and I slipped through the cracks. I chose to go to Marquette University solely for academics.

Kristi Artenian

American Public University
I have been extremely passionate about lacrosse since I was first introduced to the sport in middle school. Since then, I was named cardinal district player of the year, I have officiated, and I am now a high school coach. No one loves this game more than I do.

Kyle Autrey

Head Football Scout
Olivet Nazarene University
I joined NCSA in 2010 with the goal of changing young people's lives. Everything I have accomplished in life has happened because of what I learned while playing sports.

Aryan Avant

Carthage College
After competing successfully at the high school level, I know first hand how difficult the selection process is for a student athlete to pick the right college for themselves.

Denis Avdic

Head Scout
Utica College of Syracuse University
I came to NCSA for the unique opportunity to provide guidance and experience to athletes at perhaps the most important and vulnerable crossroad in life.

Keith Babb

Senior National Scouting Director
University of Tennessee – Knoxville
I enjoy working at NCSA because most student-athletes and their parents need help with this daunting process and I know how NCSA's tools and assistance can help!

Boe Baitinger

VP of Scouting
Carthage College
I am here to empower athleaders through the life lessons that are taught through playing sports in high school and college. I want to provide a genuine and realistic outlook on the recruiting process to assure student-athletes have the best opportunities possible to achieve their dreams.

Brian Baker-Watson

Recruiting Coach
Benedictine University
I came to work for NCSA because I really enjoy the satisfaction of helping student-athletes find the right college choice.

Cliff Ballard

Prospect Coordinator
Howard University
I’m a Chicago native and an athlete that slipped throughthe cracks due to the lack of knowledge my family and I possessed about the recruiting process. During high school I played football, ran track, and traveled the nation attending the top tournaments for AAU basketball but had little contact with major collegiate programs and overlooked DII and DIII programs.

Te Bates

Graphic Designer
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, I chose to move to Chicago to pursue a career in design. Growing up with a passion for art and sports, I knew right away that Chicago was a perfect fit for me.

Matt Bauer

University of Kansas
I have always had a passion for sports and education, and NCSA provided me with the perfect opportunity to combine two things that have been apart of my life forever.

George Bauer

Head Scout
Tulane University
I came to work for NCSA in August of 2001 because I believed in Chris Krause's vison of helping qualified and deserving student athletes secure opportunities to achieve their education and graduate with a degree while also continuing to play their sport in college.

Sam Baumgartner

Administrative Assistant
Judson University
Having been fortunate enough to play softball for most of my life, I want to be able to help give back to the sport that has given me so much throughout my life. Working with NCSA will allow me to interact with other people who are beginning their journey to the next level.

Julian Beckwith

Recruiting Coach
Miami University
I am originally from Columbus, Ohio where I grew up and graduated from high school in 2006 with 4 Varsity Letters in Basketball. I was fortunate enough to start all 4 years and garnered interest from DII and DIII schools.

Jason Benadretti

Head Scout
University of Arizona
Having spent time on the coaching side, I understand how coaches and administrators think and operate.